health and safety in the office course

Clearwater Safety Group are a locally based health and safety consultancy. We work with owners and managers of small to medium sized companies who know that they should manage health and safety in their organisation, but who lack either the time or specialist knowledge to do it. 

We have three departments: General Health & Safety – which includes Construction Safety and CDM; Fire Safety; and Environmental Management. Our knowledge base across the three sections means we can advise and assist you with a very wide range of issues.

Every business is required by law to have access to competent safety advice. You probably already talk to specialists; accountants about the company finances, your legal team about contracts etc, the techies about IT or websites, so the same should go for health and safety. 

The law doesn’t say you don’t need anyone ‘in house’ to be your accountant or lawyer; health and safety is the same.   

So how can we benefit you and your company? We can’t take away the responsibility for health and safety, that stays with you, but we can help manage it by creating policies and procedures to make sure that the work you do is done as safely as possible. 

Accidents can happen everywhere, and the personal and financial costs can be horrendous. But with Clearwater Safety Group’s help, using our Science of Compliance, you can rest easier and it’s our aim to give you peace of mind. 

Health and Safety is needed to a greater or lesser extent in all industry sectors from home offices to building sites. Our consultants have years of experience gained in many work sectors and can create bespoke solutions for your company’s needs. 

• We can write or update your health and safety policy and other documents.

• We can be your named ‘Competent Person’.

• We can carry out risk assessments on the different parts of your business and give sensible recommendations for any remedial works that are needed. 

• We can carry out Fire Risk Assessment and generate an action plan with recommendations for remedial actions and timescales.

• We can help you with your environmental management, by ensuring you are compliant with the necessary legislation, and helping your company be ‘greener’. 

Clearwater Safety Group can be your one stop shop for health and safety and environmental advice.


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