‘We’re all in this together’. It might be a phrase we’ve heard quite a lot recently, nevertheless, it’s still an apt opening to a game-changing report by Insuring Women’s Futures.

More and more organisations are championing change when it comes to women’s financial security – and this report, ‘Securing the financial future of the next generation’ is a call to action for every woman and girl to take steps to secure her financial future.

Money can still be a taboo subject for many women, despite us facing a number of challenges when it comes to building up a comfortable amount of retirement savings. The gender pay gap, pensions gap and any time taken away from work to look after family all have an impact.

The programme identified six key moments in life that disproportionately impact women when compared to men generally.

Growing up, studying an re-qualifying

Entering and re-entering the workplace

Relationships: making up and breaking up

Motherhood and becoming a carer

Later life, planning and entering retirement

Ill health, infirmity and dying


Identifying these pivotal life events presents an opportunity for women to make a real difference to their financial security, by strengthening their financial resilience at those times. I would strongly recommend that you read the report, and use the information to help you plan the financial future you desire: www.insuringwomensfutures.co.uk/resources

Starting the conversation
The Insuring Women’s Futures programme encourages girls and women to engage in their own financial life journey – to start making short-term decisions, to create a future plan, and to arm themselves with knowledge.

Most importantly, it’s up to women to feel empowered to discuss their finances. A professional financial adviser can help equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions that will impact your short- and long-term financial independence and resilience.

As an adviser with Wellesley Wealth Advisory, a practice with over £600 million funds under management, I am here to help you plan for the future, while taking into account key life events, such as those six ‘Moments that Matter’ – and beyond. I will also provide the emotional discipline required to ensure plans are acted upon, by offering guidance, support and stability to help you stay on course to reach your financial goals.


Samantha Kaye, Chartered Financial Planner & Adviser, Wellesley Wealth Advisory
Email: samantha.kaye@sjpp.co.uk   Web: www.wellesleywa.co.uk

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