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Join the female Wellesley experts for an insight into Pensions, Saving, Investing, Wills and Life Insurance - and get key takeaways on how you can make these financial priorities work harder for you along the way, and how they help your business.  In today’s world, women play diverse roles both within their personal lives and in the professional sphere.  However, when it comes to securing their long-term financial well-being, the unique challenges women face – such as the gender pay gap and career interruptions - become even more apparent.
Wellesley’s female led Her Wealth division was specifically created to help shift mindsets, break down barriers and, most importantly, empower women with financial confidence. So, whether you’re a business owner/director or simply want to ensure your money is working effectively for you, it’s time to step up and take control of your future!
Samantha Kaye - Chartered Adviser at Wellesley & Fellow of the Personal Finance Society


Join Loch Associates Group and Myla Health for a break-out session talking all things Women’s Health in the Workplace, for you and all you need to know to successfully deal with female employees including employment issues, including:
Exploring Key Aspects of Women’s Health (Menstrual Health, Fertility & Menopause)
Investigating the Impact (How do Health Issues Impact Success at Work)
Reviewing Rights & Responsibilities (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Equality Act 2010, Flexible Working Act 2023)
Unpicking Problems (Staff Engagement & Performance, Talent Attraction & Retention, Legal Claims)
Sorting through Strategies to Solve (Policy Development, Awareness Raising & Practical Support)
Pam Loch - award-winning solicitor and Founder of Loch Associates Group
Dr Olivia Hum - GP and Founder of Myla Health


Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur steering a thriving business or just embarking on your journey, digital marketing holds the key to amplifying your business objectives. However, navigating its complexities and staying abreast of trends can be daunting.
Join Creative Pod as it bridges the gap between marketing theory and real-world application, paving the way for your business's digital success. In this session, you'll discover the do’s and don'ts of digital marketing, equipping you with the tools to effectively market your business. Drawing insights from its diverse clientele and broader industry trends, Creative Pod will delve into the strategies that marketing professionals employ day in, day out. By the end, you'll depart feeling confident to kick start your marketing activity with a renewed sense of vigour.
Sarah Lyons - Marketing Director at the award winning, Creative Pod
Sadie Wigg - Marketing Manager at the award winning, Creative Pod


Calling all women who are looking for money to invest in growing their business! The panel will discuss all elements of funding for business, including grants, debt and equity funding. It will be an enlightening and informative conversation from which you will have a plethora of key takeaways and learnings.
This session will be most useful for owners, founders, CEO’s, MD’s and anyone who has a responsibility for growing a business. The panel will answer questions like:
What angel networks exist locally?
Is debt a dirty word?
Who are the main grant providers both locally and nationally?
What options are there for funding my business
Come to the session with any burning questions that you have about funding for business and the panel will be happy to answer them.
Faye Long - Regional Director, NatWest
Susan Elliott - Senior Manager, British Business Bank
Samantha Harland - Innovation and Programmes Consultant
Tanya Petherick - Angel Investor, University of Sussex Business Angels


Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to take your business to new heights? Perhaps you’re keen to become a mentor? Or perhaps you are looking for a mentor? Surrey Research Park's breakout session is designed exclusively for women, who are eager to thrive – and help others thrive - in the competitive business world. The session will explore various approaches to modern mentoring, including: 
Social Learning mentoring– we learn best ‘from each other’ 
‘Context’ over ‘Content’ – crucial in a modern mentoring era 
Learning in-the-moment-of-need – (not waiting for the next meeting) 
Access to the Wisdom-of-the-Crowd – (Access to your own mentor/s, but more importantly access a group of mentors and peers - for uncommon challenges) 
Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with a community of ambitious women entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey and in doing so, build a strong support system that fosters growth, resilience, and collaboration.
Kat Mack, Student Enterprise Manager at Surrey Research Park
Shelley-Coleman Marsh, Surrey Women's Entrepreneurship Network