The challenge is on! Can you beat the highly-skilled, finely-tuned team from Platinum?

We are looking for teams of four to compete in a fun, fast & friendly Paddle-Boarding tournament - and help raise some money for some great causes.

The tournament takes place on a private lake in Chichester on Saturday 15th June.

Organised by adventurer and team building expert, Neil Laughton, the day will be great fun, with all equipment, food and drink included.

So what is paddle-boarding?

It is literally the sport of kings as it was developed by Hawaiian monarchs, though Hawaiian shirts are not compulsory.

The rider stands upright on an oversized surfboard with a long single bladed paddle to propel and manoeuvre the board. 
Apparently, standing upright and paddling results in an all body workout, developing balance, core strength and stamina.
Or you can just concentrate on not falling in the water! The event is for both novices and experienced paddlers.

The sport has grown significantly in the last 10 years and is set to become even more popular.

The Details

There will be up to 25 company teams competing on Saturday 15th June.
The cost for a team of four plus six spectators is £400 with equipment, food and drink included.

The chosen Sussex charities are Lifecentre and Heart.

To sign up, email neil@laughton.co - Tel: 07973 289 552

The event will be covered in full in Platinum Business Magazine

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