As a whole, 2020 has brought plenty of developments to the working world, with working from home, increases in online trading and events, and more. But while everything seems to be moving forward, is diversity and inclusion in the workplace getting left behind?

Meena Chander is founder and CEO of Events Together, an events agency that produces THIS IS US CONFERENCE, a yearly event dedicated to this very topic. Here, she discusses some findings from 2020’s virtual conference, and what they mean for everyone in the workplace.

1 The importance of diversity and inclusion
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace brings benefits for both employees and organisations. If employees feel that they will be accepted as their true selves, they are more likely to feel happier and stay in jobs for longer. This can save the organisation time and money re-recruiting for roles. Diversity of thought is also a major benefit that can drive innovation and revenue. So, in this day and age, diversity and inclusion should be at the forefront of any organisation’s agenda!

2 Allyship is vital
One of the main things that came out of the conference was that minorities in the workplace need allies to advocate for them. For example, if there aren’t any women on the board of directors, the men who are there need to push for more women to be included. It has to come from the top, to demonstrate to everyone in the organisation that change is needed.

3 It’s okay to be vulnerable
We also discussed how being vulnerable can really help an organisation become more inclusive and accepting. If everyone is open about their struggles and feelings, whatever they may be, people will become more and more willing to share themselves without feeling like they will be judged for who they are.

4 Intersectionality is key
This links into the idea of intersectionality. Putting people into boxes, even if it is to aid diversity and inclusion, can make them feel alienated or singled out. After all, nobody fits neatly into one box! We are all made up of a whole range of traits and characteristics that should be celebrated and accepted in order to achieve a better level of diversity.


There is still a long way to go until true diversity and inclusion in the workplace is achieved. However, there’s no reason not to get ahead of the game. With Events Together and This Is Us Conference, I’m dedicated to helping organisations produce diverse events and improve inclusion in their workplaces as a whole, to help bring about change, happy employees, and thriving organisations. If this is something that you’d like to explore for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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