Tina moby dig

What happened to having a quiet summer? Well there hasn’t been a dull moment and the new developments across our area just keep popping up. If you have driven along the coast road from Goring the changing faces of the hotels leads to a new range of seafront eateries, a cocktail bar and alehouses which indicates the change in the demographics that is very enticing and encouraging.

Heading along the coast you may have had the sight of ‘Moby Dig’ as a foreground to the Rampion Windfarm which I don’t personally find unpleasant, but each to their own. With the view changing at Adur Civic Centre as it is demolished and the new housing on the riverside you can start to see this is creating a very different look which can only be an improvement.

Yes we are looking at lots of development in our area and I hear all the time that investors for commercial opportunities are actively sourcing premises locally. This must be the most positive period since the downturn of 2008, but we really need to see some of these developments happen to believe we are entering a new era. I have been heard to say I believe that the development of Teville Gate will happen and as you can see by the article on page 32.  I may be proven correct with the arrival of Station Square!

I must say it is refreshing to have no major parking issues as I remember that being a banned topic at our events for a long period!

What will the High Street look like in the future? This is not just a local issue  - it is a change of lifestyle and of course the increase of internet shopping has had its impact on us all. Will we see more varied leisure activities in the High Street? We definitely will see more eateries. A crystal ball would be useful.

I see this as all very positive and hopefully the start of something really good for our area.

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