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Challenges when scaling a business

To become an established and successful enterprise, there comes a point where you have to scale up, and that brings its own unique set of hurdles and challenges. Below I detail the three main hurdles I see businesses come up against when they look to scale their business. 1 Not...

How to navigate the dividend tax hike

Investors with large portfolios may want to ensure their finances are ship shape ahead of proposed changes to dividend tax. Dividend tax rates Income tax band Dividend tax rate2021/22 Dividend tax rate2022/23 Basic rate 7.5% 8.75% Higher rate 32.5% 33.75% Additional...

Avoiding a Paterson-style car crash in the workplace

Rebecca Thornley-Gibson, Employment Partner at DMH Stallard, explores the lessons to be learned for employers in the wake of the Owen Paterson controversy Recent controversy over the government’s plans to review MPs’ conduct  highlights the importance of...

Best Foot Forward (part 1)

We’ve recently swapped the late summer sunshine for more stormy, autumnal weather. In between the recent heavy rain showers, the appear-ance of a beautiful rainbow got me thinking about how important it is to look ahead both in life and in business, and to remember...

Self-employed? You're not alone

Being your own boss comes with particular challenges, but you don’t need to face them on your own, says Samantha Kaye from Wellesley Wealth Advisory At the Women in Business & Tech Expo 2021 in October, I was delighted to meet so many like-minded professional...

Bring colour into your organisation

My world is all about colour. Whether I produce artworks, curate, sell, inspire, or lecture, the arts are my life and I love to share my ideas, thoughts and creations. Throughout my career I have often found I was the only black person in the room - or one of very few....

What’s love got to do with the development of the black woman in organisations?

The black woman continues to be left behind in terms of promotions, career development, and pay advancement, regardless of the industry she is in and despite the continuously expressed strong business case for diversity by leading academics, consultancies and business leaders...

A springboard to sustainability

New research from NatWest reveals key ways for SMEs to unlock opportunity on the pathway to net zero Key findings• There is a £160bn-plus revenue opportunity for SMEs thanks to the drive to tackle climate change• With the right support, many SMEs will benefit...

In it, to win it!

I remember in the late 1980s being invited as a guest to the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Awards at the Savoy. Created as a tribute to Madame Clicquot, the Awards celebrate their 50th year in 2022 and are acknowledged as the first awards competition dedicated...

The Kermit car

Whilst one might think that driving and reviewing a wide range of new and thrilling cars is one of the key perks of writing for Dynamic, it is actually the questions that arise from these experiences that are at times – equally (if not more) interesting and important...

Recognising ADHD in women

To date, there have been few and limited studies conducted on the manifestation of ADHD in women. Consequently, the mainstream ADHD model skews toward symptoms presenting in the male population but women’s lived experiences and the clinical observations of health care...

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