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Spotlight: Sophie Carr

A big congratulations on winning the Dynamic Innovator of the Year Award! Sophia Carr, Director of Bays Consulting tells us about her journey to get to where she is today   I didn’t set out wanting, or ever expecting to become, a business owner. In fact, I landed...

Spotlight: Lebby Eyres

The CEO of The Health Lottery tells us how her fundraising efforts led to a career shift   As a child, I was never a brilliant fundraiser. Getting sponsorship in the 80s was a tedious process which involved cold calling neighbours – not much fun for a slightly...

Making better use of warehouse space

The number of business premises used for warehousing and logistics has almost doubled in the last decade, according to the Office for National Statistics, leaving the UK facing a potential problem. Dynamic looks at what’s behind the demand and why businesses need to...

Practical steps to make a difference to your profitability

In times of continued high inflation, rising interest rates and the current cost-of-living crisis, all businesses need to be taking a hard look at their finances and the systems they have in place to monitor their results. Cash is always king. But you can’t control...

Helen Dickinson OBE: Looking out for the retail industry

Any regular visitor to a supermarket - or any shop - over the past five years will have noticed a shocking rise in the price of many items - for a variety of reasons. The International Monetary Fund is pointing the finger straight at profiteering retailers; retailers flatly...

Stick or twist: What do the changes to the Lifetime Allowance mean for you?

Will the change to the Lifetime Allowance affect how you take pension benefits going forward? Could the change be reversed in the near future? Samantha Kaye from Wellesley investigates   The way we retire has shifted radically over the past decade, and another major...

Motoring: BMW X7 M60i

I have to admit to loving excess in all things. Therefore, when the latest colossal BMW SUV arrived on my drive, l was not overly surprised to see the tarmac sink under its wheels and the birds take flight from the tree. This thing is huge and has a Germanic presence set...

Milan: A fusion of history, fashion, and culinary excellence

Aaah, Milano. At once beautiful and grotty, stylish and raw, the city captivates with its contradictions. By Tess de Klerk   There is never a dull moment in this city that blends historical grandeur and modern vibrancy. The city’s rich past and progressive present...

Fine wine: Ridgeview wines

We could not possibly review the Rows & Vine without a nod to the base of the entire operation – the award-winning vineyard and the produce thereof. Ridgeview was founded in 1994 by Mike and Christine Roberts, and is dedicated to creating world-class sparkling...

Fine dining: The Rows & Vine

We had been looking forward to reviewing the new restaurant at Ridgeview Wine Estate for some time and finally, we were rewarded with a beautiful summer’s day. So off came the roof of the Bentley they had kindly sent me for review, and we sped through the Sussex countryside...

Squirrels – cute and furry garden animals or a menace?

Squirrels are very determined creatures and if they find a weak point around the soffit boards leading into your loft, it can be very difficult to get them out and keep them out. Rats, on the other hand, tend to enter lofts by moving up wall cavities from the under-floor...

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