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Seat MII Electric

Electric vehicles (EVs) are all over the place in a rush to beat the government’s deadline of 2030 for the end of all new pure fossil fuel car sales. As l have started with an EV, l will dedicate this issue to such vehicles. City cars are the easiest and cheapest...

MDHUB Respect 2020/21 - Leaders Awards

As a Noun, respect is to honour ... and that is what the MDHUB instinctively felt was the very best description to acknowledge the incredible response that our members had to the pandemic. The MDHUB were delighted to be able to finally hold their long overdue Leaders Awards...

Honda e. The ugly duckling

Honda’s first electric car is crammed with tech, including the funky TV screens inside the car for the wing mirrors. This is a first, although l am starting to receive cars with a TV screen within the rear view mirror, but still a first for wing mirrors. For me this...

Motoring: Jaguar I-Pace (EV)

This model is Jaguar’s first move into the electric vehicle (EV) market and a bold one at that; the first mainstream manufacturer to produce a competent full EV, launched in 2018. Before that date, only the Silicon Valley Tesla and German BMW were really bothered...

How to structure your family company

Once your business gets to a certain level of success and stability, it’s always a good idea to think about the future – the future of the company, but also the future of your family and how this will link in with the course of the business. Setting up a family...

Supply chain challenges

Businesses are reporting serious challenges to supply chains, with stock lead times hitting 56 weeks for even the most basic items, says Andrew Tate, Partner and Head of Restructuring and Transformation at Kreston Reeves. In June, Kreston Reeves’ survey of 100 businesses...

Parenting just got harder

As if working a full-time job and looking after children wasn’t stressful enough already, many working parents had to take on new roles during then pandemic; dealing with financial uncertainty, becoming full-time teachers to their children with new online classes and...

Sir Elton battles Boris

In a recent statement, Sir Elton John hit hard against the government for its lack of provisions for the entertainment industry with regards to travel restrictions surrounding Brexit, stating: “I’m livid about what the government did when Brexit happened. They...

Turkish delight

Nazim Salur, a Turkish businessman, has pioneered the world of instant grocery deliveries with his business Getir, raising $500 million in June of this year at a valuation of $7.5 billion, enough to buy Marks & Spencer twice over. Though it’s not just Getir that...

Data protection: Five key changes you need to be aware of

Commercial law specialist Liz Gillingham provides a snapshot summary of developments in data protection law you should be aware of Data protection remains a major compliance issue in terms of both risk and everyday practicalities. Get it wrong, and it’s not just your...

Tibet: The roof of the world

The Tibetan Kingdom is undeniably on the bucket list of many adventure travellers and spiritual seekers, and in my opinion, a mystical destination to be experienced while we still can. In today’s Tibet, we can still experience the ancient culture set in a region of...

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