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Motoring: BYD Seal

We have heard lots recently about the huge dent in Tesla sales due to the Chinese launching into the electric car market. So what is this car all about and is it worth the hype – or is it just a cheap knock-off? The BYD company, standing for ‘Build Your Dreams’,...

Antigua from the water

Charter a crewed boat or do as we did and get your Skipper’s licence – whatever it takes – just do it! By Lesley Alcock   Having completed our Royal Yachting Association Day Skipper exams last year, we rewarded ourselves with the sailing holiday...

It's called 'growing up'

In case you hadn’t noticed, our children are going through a mental health crisis. The school gate topic of the year is the supposed anxiety that our kids are going through and, of course, this is nothing new. I think there are frescoes in Pompeii showing concerned...

How do we navigate a sustainable future?

As a leader in sustainability practices and winner of many awards, Cleankill Pest Control Managing Director Paul Bates was asked to give a talk at PestEx – the national conference for the pest control industry. Here he offers some thoughts from the talk on this important...

Spring clean your marketing efforts

Spring is here, and just as you prepare for the warmer months, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to spring-clean your marketing efforts. By Stella Powers Price, Marketing Assistant, Creative Pod   Just like cleaning up a physical space, it’s also good...

Commercial landlords: Making energy efficiency work for you

As a landlord in the UK commercial property market, compliance with energy performance regulations is not just a legal obligation but also a matter of strategy, says Melissa Roberts, Partner, Mayo Wynne Baxter   Understanding the workings of energy performance legislation...

Double Innovate UK funding success for Sussex Innovation members

Based on campus at the University of Sussex, Sussex Innovation’s tenant businesses gain the credibility of an academic address as well as unparalleled access to a community of research expertise on their doorstep. Joseph Bradfield shares news of two of the organisation’s...

Learning to use AI safely

By Oliver Pocknell, Director of Digital Technologies and AI, Hurstpierpoint College   In the eyes of many in the education sector, technology is the ever-present enemy; tiny rectangles that distract and corrupt students who would otherwise be studying for their weekly...

Things to know to get the money to grow

Welcome to this monthly series for business owners, where DMH Stallard Corporate Team members aim to demystify the corporate market and highlight trends in a non-technical manner   For start-ups looking for funding, investor readiness is key and the focus of the last...

Navigating R&D tax enquiries

The landscape surrounding Research & Development (R&D) tax claims in the UK is evolving, marked by a notable increase in enquiries initiated by HMRC. This article provides an overview of HMRC’s approach and offers guidance on how we can assist clients in managing...

The power of people

How Aspiring is leading the charge in human-centred workplace solutions. By Liz Beck, CEO, Aspiring HR   In the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters – the people who deliver the results. Enter Aspiring,...

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