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The art of effective remote leadership

Remote working is gaining momentum against a backdrop of unprecedented change, health concerns, technology, globalisation and economic uncertainty. By Desiree Anderson...

Mother Nature's revenge

There are various ways to look at how our current pandemic situation occurred: • It could be that someone stored a virus is a lab and it got out.• It could be that someone in China ate an infected bat.• It could be China unleashed it on the world intentionally. Or...

Cyber security - then and now

Don’t be an ostrich. Cyber has evolved. Has your cyber security? By Scott Nursten, ITHQ...

Necessity is the mother of invention

Has Plato come into his own in this pandemic? This is how MDHUB members proved him right...

Action planning for the tax year end

Stuart Noakes, Head of Tax at MHA Carpenter Box, offers some food for thought as the end-of-tax-year quickly approaches...

Supply chain reaction

Debt recovery specialist Kelly Mills suggests that it’s time to test – and strengthen – the links in your supply chain to improve cash-flow...

Hail the 46th President of the United States

The former vice-president, now the 46th President of the United States, says he can build on the Obama legacy and unite the country in a challenging time. Biden has tried to become president for three decades. That dream is now a reality. He had what it takes to win –...


A slightly surreal Scottish Road trip. In a Land Rover. ...

The Yoga Series - part 3

A guide to mastering the poses of Sun Salutation ...

Top vegan trends for 2021 and beyond?

In the space of just one year to November 2020, Deliveroo reported a 115% increase in demand for plant-based meals. The UK is the largest consumer of plant-based milk, meat, cheese and ready meals in Europe, according to the Vegan Society. I do think there is a long way...

Children's homework dilemma

With online schooling having become a large factor in so many of our lives this year, the Knowledge Academy have issued a survey detailing the troubles we are all having with home schooling. The back-to-school transition can be difficult for families. Especially when it...

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