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What is Workplace Wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing is the art of engaging healthy behaviours to support productive teams and strong business performance. Encouraging wellbeing at work can help the business: 

Create a healthy company culture,        

Improve office morale,

Improve staff retention,

Reduce costs,

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

The workplace is where we spend the majority of our waking day. Invariably, we unconsciously adapt ourselves to work to a business model where wellbeing practices are not actively encouraged. Work/life balance becomes compromised over time and self-care and investment in healthy relationships slips. Stress and physical tensions become compounded, leaving the individual paying the price with poor health and the business facing costs as a result of increased absenteeism and presenteeism. 

The Brighton Wellbeing Approach  

Workplace wellbeing encourages businesses and their people to be fit for purpose. To be able to perform daily tasks effectively and efficiently for a healthy bottom line. Functional wellbeing looks beyond the prescriptive approach to wellness, advocating personal responsibility, healthy relationships, invested leaders and a simple engagement model that supports changing behaviours step by step.

 The style and approach of a wellbeing strategy may differ from business to business but the ultimate goal remains the same; retain and engage staff, improve productivity and reduce costs.

 Even the simplest wellbeing strategy has the ability to improve morale and create change. A monthly massage at work session allows staff to understand the tension their body holds mentally and physically. 
It  offers the opportunity to  signpost company wellbeing services,  local wellbeing centres, and creates a buzz in the office.


Brighton Wellbeing Programmes


Get started immediately with a monthly massage@work session to alleviate stress, musculo-skeletal problems and improve office morale. Prices start from £200 per month.

TRIAL 90 days 

A 90 day program that identifies the best wellbeing solution for your business.  Test interventions and measure responses with our taster sessions, staff surveys, consultation and feedback.   


A program delivered over 12 months tackling the key requirements to create a healthier business model. We work with individual staff members, teams, the management and executives.



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