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If there is one thing that matches the creativity (and the madness) of the performances during the Brighton Fringe - it is the inspired collection of posters and flyers advertsing the events.

Gemini Print Group are sponsoring the Best Design for Print Award 2018.  With £500 printing prize to be won all designers and venues are invited to enter the competition that recognises the skill involved in successful event promotions.

The standards of entries we have seen so far are excellent – a little preview includes:

Theatre and Events Manager Henry Bruce of Purple Playhouse was first off the mark with the promotion for the award-nominated performance artist Anton Binder.  “Magic isn’t about showing off – it’s about the effect you create, bending the laws of the universe.  You don’t want them to think you have skills”.  Acclaimed comic book artist Shaky Kane designed the poster for ‘IMarried An Alien Card Sharp‘.

A one-woman comedy show by the multi-talented performer, actor and writer Jane Postlethwaite ( is the Last Night At the Circus.  The graphic designer Chris Okse Oxenbury created her poster with the photography by Andy Hollingworth.  Janes show is on 7th and 19th to 20th May at the Warren Theatre (

Mark Brailsford, well known in Brighton for the long-running hit satirical comedy show The Treason Show, now in its 18th year, is certainly multi-skilled.  He is the Director/Producer in addition to creating a clever design for the artwork promoting the Brighton Fringe 2018 performance of The Moggfather with its warning of ‘may contain satire’!

Mark Tulley, Sales Director, Gemini Print Group said “It is good to see that the arts and creative community welcome our passion for the very best printing and design. We enjoy encouraging excellence in creativity and design for the Brighton Fringe 2018 – both the experienced talent and the first time designers.  This competition has run for five years and the skills it highlights never fail to impress everyone.”

Gemini Print are delighted to confirm that joining Mark on the judge’s panel will be:

Ian Trevett: Editorial Director, Platinum Business Publications

Gemma King:  Managing Director, Vivid Marketing & Design Consultants

Darren Smallman: Marketing Manager, Brighton Fringe

If you are an art director, designer, illustrator, photographer, typographer or Brighton Fringe 2018 participant who is a DIY designer you are eligible to enter.

It is very easy to ensure you get involved. Simply e-mail a sample of your intended print communication (leaflets, posters, flyers, postcards etc.) created for Brighton Fringe 2018 by Friday 27th April 2018 to  In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can also contact Gemini Print at any time.

You may submit up to 5 PDFs or photographs per entry.

Please make credits and descriptions as complete, legible and accurate as possible.

The judging criteria are as follows:-

Eye-catching: the immediate appeal of the artwork, including impact, originality and style.

Informative: the quality and design of the information presented on the artwork?

Marketable: the overall marketing effect of the artwork – why does it make me want to see this show?

The winner will be announced on Sunday 3rd June 2018 and will receive £500 worth of professional printing by the Gemini Print Group – plus associated publicity and celebrations!

The Gemini Print Group is the official print partner to Brighton Fringe 2018, providing printing, support and advice to all participants and venues every year.

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