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As a recruiter, I’ve been banging on about this for ages to anyone that will listen. If you are in education and in my company, I will talk to you about what our children need to be taught to survive the future. In fact not just our children but job seekers of any age! 

In the world of work where a job isn’t for life anymore, where you may have more than four careers in a lifetime, and that some jobs may run concurrently as the future of work, you have to consider life-long learning, and by that I mean you need to be upskilling yourself all the time.   

Look anywhere and you will see that the age of AI (artificial intelligence) is upon us - in 10 years from now, actually in five years, a lot of the jobs now will become obsolete, yet the soft skills or social skills will be the ones that can’t be emulated in AI. 

These are the skills I’m looking for: social skills - the ability to communicate with me and others at all levels - empathy, resilience (call it mental toughness if you like), and kindness which is ideally on top of qualifications. If you haven’t got qualifications at least have the social and soft skills and I’ll be able to help you get a job.

Give me a candidate that can smile as they walk into the room, shake my hand firmly whilst looking at me (this does not mean staring me out, just keep eye contact and be able to hold a personable conversation), the ability to be a team player, to make people feel at ease in your presence, keenness to learn new skills, add all that with the right ‘can do’ attitude and most employers agree that these skills far outweigh qualifications.

We offer an employability test online that shows you your strengths and weaknesses in terms of problem solving, creativity, altruism, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, conscientiousness, continuous improvement, continuous professional development, team working and organisation. It shows your abilities, your motivations and drivers, your skills in dealing with people, and your skills in dealing with problems - it’s a great measure to show an employer, especially if you lack qualifications or to add to your existing great  qualifications. 

To find out more please email or call me on 01424 830000. 

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