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Cloud9 Insight is an award-winning business change consultancy and Microsoft Gold Partner, helping small and medium-sized businesses adapt to the modern workplace and better their business processes through the use of Microsoft Cloud technologies. 

Winner of Gatwick Diamond’s ‘Investing in People for Business Success’ Award, and voted in the top 20 SME Companies for Culture, CEO Carlene Jackson is frequently featured in the media, including BBC Global and The Guardian, to discuss technology trends and the importance of culture to create a modern workplace.

“Brighton has a close community of collaborative and diverse companies with a particular concentration of tech businesses which means it’s an easy hotspot to find talent to grow my business. 

“The quality of life and work life balance for our team is fantastic as we are not spending long hours commuting and therefore have more time to have fun and be with our families.” – Carlene Jackson, CEO Cloud9 Insight. 

Rethinking business
Digital technology is redefining the way every industry is operating. Now on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, organisations are reinventing themselves to create new revenue streams, exceptional customer experiences, and even entirely new business models. Those not leveraging technology are quickly being left behind.

But digital transformation is not just about technology – it’s a business strategy that requires leaders to re-evaluate their existing business models and embrace a wholly different way of bringing together their people, data, and processes to create real value for their customers and capture new opportunities for their business.

Rethinking careers
Focus is now shifting to the skills of the future, and equipping people for the modern workplaces which will include AI, mixed reality and digital processes as standard.

Cloud9’s apprenticeship scheme, again based in Brighton, aims to unlock potential and help apprentices realise their career aspirations in a forward-thinking industry which they may not have previously considered. 

After experiencing the shortfall in talent within the technology industry, CEO Carlene worked with Microsoft and the extended community of Microsoft partners to develop an apprenticeship programme that delivers outstanding talent to the industry. The Microsoft community is highly collaborative, and even ‘competitors’ have sought Cloud9’s help to provide them with the outstanding talent that it has a reputation for producing.

By providing relevant degree-level qualifications, Cloud9 nurtures and trains Sussex apprentices to quickly support future employers and give them the confidence and experience to hit the ground running. Open to people of all ages and skill sets, Cloud9 has successfully developed over 15 apprenticeships since its inception in 2010.

Don’t get left behind in an increasingly digital world. Get a copy of Carlene’s new eBook on Digital Transformation, at and ensure your business is ahead of the curve. For a free consultation to discuss how companies are adapting to the digital revolution, email or call 01273 921510

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