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Which countries does DNA currently operate in?

DNA operates from four sites in the UK. Our head office is at Gatwick Airport where we carry out our same day operations as well as pallet network and storage. We also operate from a client’s premises in Crawley and in Milton,  Oxfordshire where we have 46 staff and 42 vehicles across the two sites. Additionally, we have a small team in Westminster looking after government related business. 

Whilst the majority of our work is within the UK we have seen significant increases of traffic into and out of Europe particularly on the pallet network and full and part load requests. Through our pallet network membership, we offer services to 37 countries in Europe and also have global access should there be a requirement.

Which area of business is your main activity?

Our key supplier activity within a major international logistics operator as well as our Pallet Network membership within Palletforce has to be the main areas of increased growth. We have always had a strong same day express business which is quite specialist.
Going over and above has been the key to our success in this side of the business and it’s what sets us apart from many other operators.

Palletised storage has also been a growth area for us, and we see that this will be a core focus with further space becoming available to us. This will enable DNA to increase its offering to new clients as well as satisfying increased demand from its existing client base. 

Why is Crawley a good place for business?

It’s surprising the amount of industry that Crawley has and despite its changing landscape there is still a lot of manufacturing and assembly that takes place in Crawley’s industrial areas. The surrounding towns are also very busy with various businesses supporting the airport and its infrastructure as well as producing goods that move both nationally and internationally.

What is the current state of the delivery industry?

The delivery industry remains challenging in so many areas. Recruitment remains a challenge and to this end we invested in a driver training business just over a year ago. This enables us to identify talent as they take their vocational training and likewise it enables us to up skill our existing workforce giving them greater qualifications and overall a better future.

In other areas such as the introduction of ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in London we have had to invest heavily in compliant vehicles to ensure we meet the necessary standards.

What is your rate of growth?

Over the last few years we have seen significant growth in several areas of our business in fact around 200% in terms of revenue and a significant growth in head count. We now currently employ 72 staff and boast a fleet of 65 vehicles. 

We put this growth down to us being agile enough to be able to adapt ourselves within a very changing industry and meeting the ever-increasing demands placed upon us both operationally and financially.

Have you introduced any new technology?

We have seen significant changes in our IT infrastructure most of which has been as the result of our Pallet Network membership as well as different platforms introduced by our clients. We have also introduced a new warehouse management system (WMS) into our business and are becoming more heavily reliant on systems to keep control of the business as the increases we have seen would now be impossible based on a manual system.

How do you promote sustainability?

DNA is very proud to have attained our ISO14001 accreditation last year underpinning our approach to sustainability. We are also FORS accredited which also involves continuous reviews of our working practices around how we operate our fleet and how we train our drivers and staff.

Our new workspace has also been fitted out with energy efficient equipment such as lighting, heating and insulation as we naturally appreciate how our type of business impacts the environment.

What are DNA doing about the carbon footprint of their vehicles?

With all of our fleet now meeting Euro IV standards, they are all tracked and monitored for unnecessary idling and running needlessly, we are doing our level best to reduce our carbon footprint. There are government incentives in place to steer us toward electric vehicles however the technology isn’t there yet in respect of our business. We simply cannot get the battery range required for the work we carry out however I am sure that this will change and when it does, we will be delighted in further investment in this area.

For further information visit or call 0333 335 8585

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