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Mission Drive’s team of business psychologists, educators, writers and designers are finding creative new ways to get more people inspired by the world of data. We use games to help businesses get people involved in learning about data, and create content like quizzes and videos to educate people. We use digital marketing techniques to help new businesses engage people who might not yet understand how a new data product can help them.

We’re not about dry tech and abstract concepts. We’re helping people bring their humanity and their values to the world of data technology so that data works for us all.

What traction and achievements has your business seen so far?

  • Playing data games with thousands of people!
  • Data content strategy for Rolls-Royce
  • Data ethics, education and engagement campaign for the Open Data Institute
  • Development of bespoke content and courses for Lloyds and Deutsche Bank
  • Data skills analysis for The Coop

How do you feel the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator has helped you and your business?
Being in a co-working environment with other entrepreneurs has been a huge benefit for us - there’s a great sense of community and we feel part of something important. The coaching provided has been a great way to “hold us to account” and keep us focussed on our vision and goals. Being part of the Accelerator has opened doors for us, helping find leads and growing our network. We’ve been invited to speak at events and get feedback on how we present ourselves. We also have the opportunity to pitch in front of an audience of external mentors and experts in order to get valuable experience and get feedback on both pitching our business and raising investment.

During your time on the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator what have been the key learnings for you and your business?
Honing in on your message and how your business solves a problem is a question we ask ourselves daily. Work- ing on the big picture, not just little details to move us forward. Getting on top of our finances and business planning, and figuring out the best places to raise funding.

If you could give three tips to a budding entrepreneur what would they be?

  1. Things are never going to be perfect – engaging customers and partners early will give you valuable feedback and ideas.
  2. Practice pitching often - it helps you get to the heart of what you’re about, why you’re the right team and how you make a difference.
  3. A growth mindset will power you forward. There are opportunities to learn everywhere - successes, failures, podcasts, books, peers, coaches and mentors. Take them.

Would you encourage others to join the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator?
Most definitely. It’s a great way to learn and accelerate your growth in a supportive environment. We get so much positive energy and support from our coaches and fellow entrepreneurs. As well as helping us grow, it’s helped us get more pleasure out of our business. It’s still hard work but it feels more joyful.

Each month the leadership team at Brighton’s NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator select a founder of the month to recognise the individuals that have demonstrated a growth mindset and entrepreneurial spirit to overcome challenges and accelerate the growth of their business in a short space of time.

To find out more about the Accelerator hub, email 

Twitter: @mymissiondrive

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