Please explain what Anna Valley does and the sectors it is involved it?
Anna Valley provide audio-visual technology and expertise to corporate and broadcast markets and their agencies for every kind of show. Whether you’re showing off your new products, creating show-stopping entertainment or showing the way to the car park, Anna Valley enables every show, in whatever form it takes, to realise the ambitions of its demanding creators and earn the delight of its deserving audiences.

When did you start the business, how long has it been operating and how has it, or will it in the future, expand?
The Anna Valley brand has been around for more than 30 years. The company was acquired by the Shooting Partners Group in the early 2000s and quickly rose to become the lead brand for the group. We operate at the high end of several markets, such as Live events, Television Broadcast, Film and Drama along with Integration projects in event venue, retail and Stadia.

Considering your market, how has the pandemic affected your business?
Live Events has taken the biggest impact and that will continue for as long as there are major restrictions on gatherings. We have adapted and evolved quickly during the pandemic to find innovative ways to help our clients put on their show, whatever that may be. We adapted our 42,000 square foot premises into several studio, stage and breakout areas, all socially distanced and capable of producing high end online events, seminars, summits and award shows. We have remained busy throughout the lockdown and managed to keep working on top rated shows, such as Gogglebox throughout the lockdown.

What is your split between corporate and broadcast work and where do you see the brightest future for the balance sheet?
All of our key markets have massive future growth potential. The world of traditional broadcast now includes streaming services from some of the biggest companies in the world. We have a fantastic pedigree and are working with big names on a daily basis to develop and grow our offering. Although corporate activity may seem paused due to the pandemic, the reality is that the need for effective and engaging communication is greater than ever. We work closely with creative agencies, who have really stepped up to the challenge the pandemic poses and that activity shows no sign of slowing.


"We have remained busy throughout
the lockdown and managed to keep
working on top rated shows, such as
Gogglebox throughout the lockdown"


What areas should the corporate world be looking at when it comes to the use of visual technology as the pandemic has pushed distanced relationships to the fore? For example, is the professional TV studio an appealing prospect for the Chairman/MD/Board to communicate with their teams across the world? The Manoto studio is particularly impressive.
We believe that if necessity is the mother of invention, then this pandemic has been the mother of adoption. Many of the technologies we are using have been in play for some time, but recognising them and making them fit for purpose is the key. We’ve tried to help our client to raise production value for their corporate communications by bringing our knowledge from broadcast into the event space.

The view offered by an online video call gets tedious very quickly, so by adding a set and moving cameras, we can instantly engage audiences for longer. Adding in our capability with virtual, augmented and extended reality means we can transport anyone, anywhere into any environment, so the possibilities literally become endless.

Have you had to pivot your marketing to appeal to less unaffected sectors?
Our marketing messaging has always attempted to take the complicated technology involved and make it simple to understand. We’ve focused more on inspiration rather than innovation. It’s certainly true that some sectors have been affected more than others, but the appeal of the technology is universal.

The world, economically, was hit hard with recent events - how has your bank supported your company?
Fantastically well!! Andrew and the team at NatWest have been absolutely first rate at a time when there was massive uncertainty. Every day the government would make fresh announcements that affected our business and to get clarity, reassurance and support from our bank was key to our ongoing success. It would be true to say that if our relationship wasn’t as strong, we may not have had the confidence to keep going and keep striving for success.

Anna Valley
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