At this time of year, thousands of A-Level students across the country are making decisions on university courses and institutions, and whether university is even right for the next stage of their life. For many, university may not be the right choice. To help pupils with their considerations,  MyTutor  (, the UK’s leading tutoring platform, have launched a careers ebook.

Why university might be the right choice

• Pupils have the chance to  study a subject (or  subjects they’re passionate about);
• They can make  friends for life;
They get 3-4  years to try out different career options;
Long-term, a degree could help financially. In 2019, 66% of graduates were employed in high-skilled roles, compared to 24% of non-graduates and on average are £115,000 better off than those who do not go to university (after taxes and student loans).

Why university might not be the right choice

Lots of employers today don’t ask for a degree as a must-have;
• Students can go straight into work, getting a few years ahead of graduates;
No student debt! Universities  cost £9000 a year for UK and EU students, which graduates pay off over several decades. On average, students are £40,000 in debt by the time they leave university;
1 in 5 graduates would be better off financially if they hadn’t gone to university.

If teens are still debating, the UCAS website  is a good source of information  on some other options that are out there. If students are interested in going to university but are yet to make their mind up, have a look at the  list of degree subjects  on the same site. There are lots of subjects that are not taught in schools which might spark their passion.

Another viable choice to continue learning, without the backdrop of university, is to explore apprenticeship options. MyTutor teamed up with WhiteHat to help teens learn more. An apprenticeship is a great way to combine education and on-the-job learning. They are normally 15-18 months long, during which time an apprentice works full time for a business. They will spend 20% of their time training as they work to earn a qualification, while earning a salary and applying what they’ve learnt to their day-to-day role. They’ll also meet people they can learn from and make valuable connections in the industry. With an apprenticeship, teens can:

• Study a profession rather than a subject, learning practical skills and knowledge they will use in their career;
Grow a network of professionals from day one;
Learn with the support of a community of other apprentices;
Learn from people at all stages of their career;
There is  no need to relocate –teens  can find one near home if desired;
Hands-on learning, rather than going to lectures.

Bertie Hubbard, Co-Founder and CEO of MyTutor, comments on the need for support through the UCAS process:

“UK parents are increasingly worried about the impact of school closures on their teens’ long-term career prospects. Teens have also missed out on months of UCAS prep with their teachers, and packing the process into the Autumn term gives them less time to get ready than previous cohorts. As a result, many teens fear they’ll have to lower their university choices, and their career ambitions as a result. 

"At MyTutor, our tutors are subject experts from UK unis and they have up-to-date curriculum and exam knowledge. Being just a few years older they can explain things in a way that teens really understand. In one-to-one lessons they guide teens through the curriculum and train them in exam technique so they can get the best grades in retakes and mocks. And because they’re at university, they also help with UCAS applications and double up as role models and mentors, all in one.”


More information can be read in MyTutor’s World of Work ebook, available on their website:

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