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So, you have some available cash but what to do with it? How to make it work? The bank is a waste of time, ISAs can work but are they exciting? (That was a rhetorical question). You could buy art or jewellery as that is certainly a good investment if you buy the right items but how many times can you look at a diamond or a vintage watch?

How about classic cars? With the right purchase, they are a guaranteed investment that will not decrease in value and you can look at it, stroke it, clean it and drive it on a Sunday – or everyday if you like but then the investment decreases as you pile on the miles. Classic cars are beautiful and there is so much to choose from, everything to suit your taste, style and wallet. 

With dwindling interest rates, volatile market fears over Brexit and the impact of the pandemic, people are leaving the stock market and looking for alternative classic car investment opportunities as our car appraisal experts confirmed in 2021. Jens Berner, a vintage car expert, has suggested that for people with liquid assets, classic car investments can return an impressive yield with value stability beyond the uncertainty that 2022
still brings. To back up his claim, Südwestbank – for whom Berner is a vintage car expert – started a classic car investment index made up of vehicles that are at least 30 years old. From 2005 to 2008, the index quadrupled. It seems that in 2022 the best classic car investment choices have the potential to offer a higher return than property, shares, and many other investments.

Here are some of the best buys but remember, it must be the right model, in the right condition, in the right colour and with the right mileage:

Average cost: £16,000
This was MG’s pint-sized Aston and has garnered huge respect over the years and folk are now realising its value. In 2016, they were around £11,000, 2018 around £13,000, 2021 around £16,000 and the top price at auction was £31,000. One to watch if you can find one. 

Average cost £23,000
Sales of the über-cool campervans rocketed during lockdown, along with boats and caravans. You need to look out for the 60s and 70s models and perhaps an 80s one and it should be rust-free, no more than 80,000 miles and right-hand drive. Get a 60’s split window model and it’s like finding a bar of gold. Highest sale price to date is £150,000.

Average cost: £23,000
A classic German drop top, and good ones are in demand if made between 1980-2001. Comfort, power and unending style with strong demand but it must be the R107 model as that is where the profit resides. Good examples are going at auction anywhere from £50,000 upwards.

Average cost: £75,000
This was the best selling classic car of 2021 and continues to rise in value. You need the 911 from 1965-1980 ideally and if you can your hands on a 930 Turbo, all the better. A good example is an excellent investment and a concours 911 Turbo 930 recently auctioned for £1.6 million.

Average cost: £18,000
A corking British sportscar (l have owned three) that are becoming tough to get hold of. It must be fuel injected, it must not be a US import car and should have no rust. Best price achieved at auction in 2022 was £57,000 which had been bought for £24,000 two years earlier.

Average cost: £80,000
The ‘go to’ sure bet which is why you will struggle to find a decent one for a decent price. If you find a good V12, you will make £6,000 by the time you have driven it out the showroom and this year is the model’s 60th anniversary, so expect the price to rocket even higher. Top price for a pristine ‘racing’ model was £6.3 million.

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