Mattioli Woods is a wealth management company that covers the whole of the UK with a great backstory and an envious depth of knowledge

Ian Mattioli and Bob Woods set out to challenge the status quo over 30 years ago from a converted garage in Leicester. They both had a vision to create a business that was different, a business with trust at its heart and the needs of clients at the centre of everything. Today, they would be called disrupters; taking on the big institutions. But 30 years ago, Mattioli Woods was formed by two men who wanted to do the right thing, and although the company has grown considerably since those early days, that basic principle has never changed.

Perfecting a solution that evolves as their clients’ circumstances and objectives change is at the heart of everything Mattioli Woods does. Its clients want and receive the comfort of knowing their finances are meeting their family’s needs now, and in the future - whatever life throws at them. Services include pensions, tax efficient investment solutions and management, retirement and inheritance tax planning, protection and much more.

From a start-up of just three people, Mattioli Woods now employs more than 800 people and has passed some pretty impressive milestones. The company finds itself as one of the UK’s leading providers of pension consultancy and wealth management services with shares quoted on the AIM market, advising over 11,000 clients throughout the UK, with assets under advice and administration in excess of £15 billion. 

Mattioli Woods now has a substantial presence in the South East, having acquired Hurley Partners in July 2020. This business had an equally rich heritage as far back as the early 1980s and while clients could be anywhere in the UK, the typical demographic was always London, Kent, East and West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. 

Success like this comes through sheer hard work, a clear strategic direction, integrity, trust and in-depth knowledge of a superb range of solutions providing families and individuals with careful management of their financial assets.
It is not ‘what’ or ‘why’ but ‘how’ that makes the company so different. The aspiration is always to deliver the best possible outcome for clients and this comes through fostering long term and often very personal relationships with its clients from generation to generation. Some such clients were young, successful business owners ‘way back then’ and Mattioli Woods still act for them, their children (who may have inherited the business interests) and their grandchildren who may also be involved.

So, what do they do?
Successful wealth management is the integration of financial planning and asset management, and Mattioli Woods provides a full service, all under one roof. Uniquely, clients will always know the consultant looking after their affairs, leading the integration of solutions and importantly, the specialist who makes the decisions on a day-to-day basis on the investment of their assets. There is a real transparency here with no hiding behind unknown third parties.

Financial Planning
In a world of social media and DIY finances, who needs help planning for the future when there is so much information available? There will always be a place for an expert hand to guide clients. Financial planning is not a one-off event but rather a journey through the stages of life, picking off some important milestones along the way.

Building and protecting wealth is a good place to start, particularly for younger clients, who are always welcome at Mattioli Woods. Fast forward a few decades and the concept of retirement has become non-binary. Mattioli Woods’ advice is central to clients who want to know if and when to start drawing a pension and how they can pass wealth on to the next generation while minimising the impact of inheritance tax (IHT).

In the middle, the often-called ‘sandwich generation’, there are crucial decisions and events such as savings, school fees, weddings and the desire of most to pay as little income tax as possible, and this point is particularly relevant when clients decide to draw from their pension funds. The sandwich generation may also have to help make financial decisions for their own parents.

Mattioli Woods provides a balanced approach and advice on strategies to improve a client’s position. The focus always centres on what objectives are centre-stage and through regular reviews assisted by the close relationship and knowledge of changes to circumstances, Mattioli Woods gives clients the peace of mind that their financial affairs are on track.

Leaders in SIPP and SSAS
Mattioli Woods is a leader in the provision of Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) and Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSASs). The opportunity for these schemes to play an important and effective role in family business, tax and personal legacy planning has never been better. Mattioli Woods has established a reputation for technical excellence and practical experience, widely acknowledged within the industry, while the provision of trusteeship and dedicated administration further differentiates Mattioli Woods from its competitors.

Investment and asset management
The cornerstone of helping its clients protect and grow their financial prosperity is Mattioli Woods’ asset management services; a proposition that has solutions for all investors, regardless of experience, amount or objective. Mattioli Woods has developed investment strategies to meet client needs in this ever-changing world within the group. These include the £2.04 billion multi-asset funds – which have received external recognition – through to solutions for clients where tax efficiency is the objective, for clients seeking the potential for higher-yielding asset-backed opportunities and an investment club for more experienced investors. Where appropriate, Mattioli Woods intends to expand upon these offerings in the future to enhance the client service provision and drive further organic growth. This can be seen in action with the recent launch of a unique Responsible Equity Fund aiming to generate attractive long-term returns while ensuring that the companies owned are behaving in the interests of their communities and wider society. A fund for 21st century values.

Mattioli Woods business partners
The building of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships is central to the culture of Mattioli Woods, with its clients and quality professional advisers, notably firms of accountants and solicitors. Its clients have a need for expert advice at every stage of their business and personal lives. When they see the need for specialist legal or tax advice, they are always pleased to recommend a suitable firm. Like many of its clients, the company has built countless successful relationships with professional firms.

Mattioli Woods is now firmly established in the South East serving clients in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire as well as London continuing the firm’s ethos of always putting clients at the centre of everything that it does.

Please visit their website, www.mattioliwoods.com for further information. 

Mattioli Woods plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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