Sussex Innovation’s expert consultancy team is hitting the road over the next six months for a series of free live coaching events across East Sussex. If you have ambitions to develop a new product, shift your business model, grow your company or raise investment, it’s not to be missed.

What to expect at the Investment Bootcamp
A crash course for start-up founders preparing to raise funds. Working as part of a small cohort of likeminded business owners, you’ll learn how to develop an investment-ready business plan and pitch or pursue alternative finance.

Pitching Your Story With only a short window to impress, a clear and compelling story is essential to grab investors’ attention and get them bought in to your idea. This session shares the secrets of how to use your business journey as the starting point to craft an effective narrative that will leave an impression.

How to Design and Present a Pitch Deck Your pitch deck will often be investors’ first exposure to your business. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so how do you decide what to include? We’ll explain what our community of investors want to see, and how to create a deck that stands out without burying the important detail.

Developing a Video Teaser In this practical session, presenter and performance coach Doug Faulkner and videographer Sam Beard take you through the skills, tools and techniques to create a short video teaser that you can share with the investment community to win the opportunity to pitch.

Alternative Finance Angel investment is one of the most popular routes to securing start-up finance, but it’s not the only way. A breakdown of the range of different options, including grants, bank loans, equity fundraising and more – as well as when and how to apply them.

Fireside Chat What Angels are Looking For Interviews with successful angel investors about how they decide which projects to back, the due diligence that every investor needs, and which factors make the biggest difference in the pitch.

What to expect at the Innovation Masterclass
Inspiring workshops for SME owners who want to think bigger and create new opportunities for their business. You’ll be challenged with strategies to develop and implement new ways of working, rooted in research, insight and world-leading expertise from the University of Sussex Business School, allied to practical methods developed by the Sussex Innovation team.

The Search for Opportunity How do we discover new ideas, and decide which ones to pursue? The day’s first workshop sets out how to differentiate a great insight from a real commercial opportunity.

Lean Thinking Lean Thinking underpins many of the biggest start-up successes of the 21st century. But what is it, and how can you apply it in your business to achieve more with less?

Implementing Innovation How can you minimise risk and uncertainty while trying to do something new? Turn strategy and process to your advantage to move on quickly from failure and capitalise on success.

Leading and Managing Innovation Innovative businesses depend on strong leadership with the flexibility to adapt and balance long-term ambitions with short-term plans. Uncover your own leadership style and learn how to play to your strengths.

Innovation and Sustainability Building sustainable practices has become something that business owners can no longer afford to ignore. But facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge, what are the simple steps we can take to start protecting people and the planet, and plotting a practical route to net zero carbon?

Finding Funding A great product may never succeed without the financial backing to reach the market. Find out the secrets to securing investors, grants or alternative means of finance to give your innovation the best chance of success.

Creativity in Entrepreneurship Unlock the power of lateral thinking and creative design throughout your business by building a culture that encourages and rewards ideas. Discover different approaches to structuring creative problem solving, as well as tools and techniques you can use to enhance it.

Capturing and Measuring Innovation An innovation hasn’t succeeded until you find a way to both capture the value it delivers and measure how things have changed. The day closes by discussing how to confirm the impact of the Innovation Masterclass on your business journey.

Search for Sussex Innovation on Eventbrite to book your place at one of these upcoming dates, packed with facilitated workshops, expert advice and mentoring. With the support of East Sussex County Council and funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund, each day of sessions has been purpose-built to respond to the needs of local SMEs.

• Investment Bootcamp, 14th June
Lansdowne Hotel

• Innovation Masterclass, 15th June
Lansdowne Hotel

• Investment Bootcamp, 20th September
White Rock Hotel

• Innovation Masterclass, 21st September
White Rock Hotel

• Investment Bootcamp, 11th October
East Sussex National Hotel

• Innovation Masterclass, 12th October 
East Sussex National Hotel


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