Surrey Reserch Park

At the recent ‘Invest in Surrey 40 under 40’ Business Awards, Surrey Research Park tenants took home almost a quarter of the total haul of awards

A positive spotlight was shone on the dynamic young talent making a difference in Surrey at the inaugural ‘Invest in Surrey 40 under 40’ Business Awards.

The Awards night also officially launched Surrey County Council’s new business-focused brand, Invest in Surrey, which works to provide a wealth of resources to businesses starting, growing and moving to the Surrey region. The team, led by Daniel Murray, is focused on supporting businesses to help them to thrive in the county which is recognised as ranking highest in the UK (outside London) for professional workforce.

The Surrey 40 Under 40 Business Awards is the first of its kind in the region, with the goal of celebrating the incredible talent that is present locally. Entrepreneurs and young professionals in established businesses have a key role to play when it comes to maintaining Surrey’s unique high value position in the UK economy, and the awards were designed to celebrate and recognise the county’s movers and shakers who are already making a difference.

Surrey Research Park had good reason to be proud as almost a quarter of the winners at the inaugural awards are part of Surrey Research Park’s innovation ecosystem. The awards were a celebration of the outstanding talent in the region and shone a light on the Park’s unique innovation ecosystem.

Grant Bourhill, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “This level of award wins within a couple of square miles at Surrey Research Park is phenomenal. Congratulations to all of our winners at Surrey Research Park. We are thrilled to be suppor ting a community of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, and it is a great opportunity to celebrate our up-and-coming young talent.”

Over 100 nominations were received from a wide variety of sectors. Winners were announced by established business leaders based in Surrey including Tamas Csejtei, People Team Director at Samsung; Damion Potter, Head of Global Policy and Government Engagement at Haleon Consumer Health; Caroline Fleming, Director of Innovation Strategy from the University of Surrey and Louise Bittleston, Corporate and Community Fundraising Manager at WWF UK.

The awards were held at the county council’s landmark headquarters in Reigate. Surrey County Council is recognised nationally for its pro-business approach to economic growth, with Surrey generating an annual output of over £43 billion to the UK economy thanks to world-leading academic and corporate Research and Development, being home to some of the UK’s leading businesses, offering excellent connectivity to London and the rest of the world, a highly skilled workforce and a superb quality of life.

Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council, commented, “What is key for Surrey is inward investment. Surrey has a thriving economy, but it needs to continually renew and refresh itself. It’s important to continue to attract cutting edge businesses that are innovating, improving services and delivering new ideas. Surrey businesses have a very good, long history of doing exactly that and it’s great to see the next generation of entrepreneurs building on that heritage”

Invest in Surrey builds on and promotes this strong energetic, youthful, entrepreneurial spirit and other key strengths of the Surrey economy, to attract business to the county – and more likeminded people!


Congratulations to all the Surrey Research Park winners

• TOM BOULTON Lead Engineer Surrey Satellite Technology

• MILO BYGRAVE Lead Designer 22Cans



• NEIL JOHNSTON CEO and Founder Vector Suite and Rocketdesk


• DR ANNA VARTAPETIANCE CEO, Co-Founder and Director Securium

• CHARLOTTE WATSON Operations & Relationship Manager SETsquared Surrey

• BEN WARD Business Owner Rocketdesk and Supergonk

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