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Cleankill Pest Control has been named the winner in the sustainability category at this year’s British Pest Control Association (BPCA) Members Awards. The award was announced on World Pest Day (June 6th)

The BPCA Sustainability Award rewards companies that go above and beyond in their protection of the environment through the championing of sustainable solutions and projects that reduce the pest control industry’s impact on the planet. It was open to all BPCA members.

Sustainability is integral to the way Cleankill works. The company is constantly looking at every aspect of its business operations to see where improvements can be made, while still delivering effective pest control to its customers.

Improvements include:

• Going paperless by replacing field staff pads with iPads to enable instant reports for customers

• Better targeting of bait stations by more accurately identifying where pests are by using motion sensor cameras and ultra-violet powder

• Using non-chemical alternatives whenever possible such as electric bird repellent systems, traditional traps and LED fly killer units.

• Using natural methods wherever possible such as Harris’ hawks to deter birds, pheromone traps for moths and heat treatments for bed bugs.

• Moving to hybrid vehicles and employing two ‘foot technicians’

When Cleankill was founded in 1995, its ethos was effective pest control that looked after our communities and the environment. Being named winner of the Sustainability Award at the 2023 BPCA Member Awards shows this commitment is still going strong. 

Cleankill Managing Director Paul Bates said: “Winning this award on World Pest Day is a real achievement for Cleankill. Being sustainable isn’t about words, it’s about actions and what we have noticed is through lots of small improvements we have been able to make a big difference.

“Reducing our reliance on paper, using alternative forms of transport and simply working more sustainably has meant we’ve been able to reduce our consumption of water by an estimated 1,888,208 litres and our carbon footprint by 74.7 tonnes.”

Cleankill has won numerous awards over the years, including Best Green Business at the South London Business Awards in 2013, Best Green Business at the Croydon Business Awards in 2016 and Responsible Business of the Year (2018) and Green Business of the Year (2020) at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. In 2017, Cleankill was named Provider of the Year at the ARMA Ace Awards and, in 2019, Company of the Year at the British Pest Management Awards. As well as being award-winning, Cleankill was the first pest control company in England to achieve a Gold Investors in People accreditation.

Now employing 57 staff, Cleankill Pest Control offers eradication and preventative services for all public health pests, including: mice; rats; cockroaches; wasps; fleas; squirrels and pest birds. As a registered waste carrier, Cleankill can also remove pigeon debris and other waste.

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