Fun and games is not just the kids’ territory - especially if you have some money to burn. Here we have a look at some of Europe’s most renowned playgrounds. By Tess de Klerk


Gran Hotel Casino, Ibiza

Ibiza has so much more to offer than partying till dawn, and The Gran Hotel is a perfect example of this; a sophisticated place
for people to stay, with sun, sea and a seriously world-class casino experience.

It plays host to the Casino de Ibiza, an absolutely gorgeous venue to drink, dine and put some cash on the line across every type of game imaginable. From slot machines and roulette to poker and blackjack, it has everything you could want from a casino. Open until 6am, it might not have the full 24-hour experience offered by Vegas, but it’s the best European equivalent around.


Casino Estoril, Estoril, Portugal

Located in Estoril, Portugal, this opulent casino lives up to its name and stands out as one of Europe’s finest, leaving visitors feeling like they’re living in luxury. The interior boasts elegant decor and a spacious atmosphere, setting it apart from others. Being one of the largest casinos in Europe, it offers top-notch dealers and an impressive variety of games, including roulette.

Besides gambling, visitors can enjoy live shows, concerts, and all manner of events in its renowned auditorium. The atmosphere, top-notch dining establishments, and vibrant nightlife make Casino Estoril a magnet for locals and tourists alike, offering an unforgettable and glamorous gaming experience on the picturesque Portuguese coast.


Dragonara Casino, St Julian’s, Malta

Located in sunny Malta with a Mediterranean feel and stunning views, the building itself is grand in size and the exterior design touches give it a real sense of elegance. This is carried through to the interior, where the overall impression is one of true luxury. With plenty of games to enjoy here (such as 300 slots and 15 dice tables) and VIP lounges said to be second to none, Dragonara is a must-visit on the European casino circuit.


Kurhaus Casino, Baden-Baden, Germany

This has to be one of the top five luxury casinos in Europe. It has a lot going for it including its beautiful Black Forest setting and the fact that it is part of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden resort. Play at night, pamper during the day. The neo-classical building was built over 200 years ago and has hosted table games since the 1830s. These days you can also catch fashion shows, cabarets and all manner of entertainment at this grand old dame.


Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

No article about luxury European casinos would be complete without mentioning the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Built in 1863 in Monaco, which is itself well known as a playground for the affluent and famous, this opulence extends to Monte Carlo’s casino, which features an impressive marble and gold facade. Inside is equally elegant with attractive colour schemes that set the luxurious tone. Famous for attracting the famous, you may well find yourself rubbing shoulders with the who’s who.


Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains, Enghien-les-Bains, France

Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains is located in Enghien-les-Bains, France. Situated just outside Paris, it is the only casino in the region. Get stuck in a vast array of gaming options including both the French and American versions of roulette but visitors will also find plenty of other entertainment such as live music and cabaret. The undeniably luxurious interior, complete with modern bars, classic fine dining restaurants, and a comfortably classy hotel, makes for a well-rounded establishment.

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