Tess de Klerk looks at the best places for the nomadic digital freelancer to pitch up and get down to work


A recent study estimated that the number of entrepreneurs, freelancers or company-employed workers who consider themselves digital nomads has grown to roughly 35 million globally. Just for reference, only 43 nations around the world have larger populations, which means digital nomads are not just a trendy phenomenon but also a sizeable group. And the prediction is that it will only keep growing.

Generally, Mexico, Thailand and Indonesia are currently the most preferred digital nomad destinations due to easy visa access, sunny weather and low living costs.

Considering that Europe is a relatively safe destination with stable, high-speed internet, a thriving culture, plus the benefit of being a short journey away from many important business hubs, Europe should be a very attractive prospect for those who seek nomadic flexibility and adventure in their work life. We take a look at pros and cons of preferred digital nomad hot spots.


Lisbon, Portugal

This coastal city is a digital nomad’s paradise, with its warm weather, laid-back lifestyle, and picturesque streets. Lisbon embraces remote work, offering a plethora of co-working spaces and cafés while the availability of two-year nomad visas adds a cherry on top. Local people are welcoming, and English is spoken just about everywhere. Add to that the proximity to beautiful beaches, the reasonable cost of living plus average wifi speeds of 39 Mbps and you have an ideal city for remote working. Drawbacks are the poor public transport and hilly terrain. And as is with many popular European destinations – too many tourists tend to spoil the broth.


Budapest, Hungary

The “Paris of the East” offers a unique melange of history and modernity with the ever-present Danube and its bridges providing scenic backgrounds for work and leisure. Budapest has become a very popular digital nomad hotspot due to affordable living costs, plenty of co-working spaces and fast internet. The thriving nightlife, and thermal baths for those mornings after, are an added bonus. The language can feel like a barrier in Hungary and winters are harsh.


Valetta, Malta

Besides the high living costs, Valletta, the stone-walled capital of Malta is a great choice for remote workers. Jutting out into the Med as it does, means beautiful beaches are never far away. Warm weather, English-speaking locals plus a beautiful, walkable city, attract digital nomads and tourists alike. Rent for a one-bedroom flat is in the region of £1,800 a month. The higher living costs tend to attract more professional remote workers.


Prague, Czechia

The enchanting city of Prague offers a fairy tale setting for digital nomads, with its rich history, gothic architecture and cobblestone streets. Beautiful parks and a rich art scene add to the appeal while low living costs and a thriving expat community also attract remote workers. Winters can be punishing though, and there is a real language barrier to contend with.

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