October and early November 2023 have seen some horrendous storms across different parts of the UK, particularly in the South East. Because it’s usually fixed to the top of buildings and exposed areas, bird netting inevitably takes the brunt of any high winds.

Facilities managers and property managers should make sure their bird netting hasn’t been damaged, as even the smallest rip or gap could allow pest birds to enter the protected area. Birds can also become trapped in damaged netting or get injured.

Cleankill Pest Control Managing Director Paul Bates explains: “Birds can easily become tangled and trapped in damaged roofing which not only causes them distress, but can lead to further damage to the netting. Holes in netting will also allow birds to get through and set up home.”

If birds are trapped, it’s important to retrieve them safely and minimise the stress caused to them. If the birds are dead, they require proper disposal by a registered company. Once any trapped pigeons have been removed, it’s important that repairs are carried out quickly and safely by a professional pest control company.

“Ideally, when the netting was installed, your pest control company should have offered an inspection contract. This means that it is the pest control company’s responsibility to regularly check the netting and make any necessary repairs. It’s worth checking your contractor has insurance, health and safety procedures in place, are licensed waste carriers and are members of the British Pest Control Association as bird work can be very dangerous,” adds Paul.

“With pigeons now breeding four or five times a year, compared to two or three times 20 years ago, their numbers are increasing dramatically. The problem is exacerbated by people feeding them and attracting them into town squares where they are fouling on pavements and buildings.

“If a gap in the netting goes unnoticed and a pair of pigeons gets through and into a roof space, in a matter of months there can be hundreds of birds living there and the floor will soon be covered with fouling up to a foot deep,” Bates concludes.

Pigeons are the most unhygienic and messy birds and actually carry more diseases than rats. They nest on their faeces and attract mites. Nearly all pigeons carry bird mites - tiny insects that feed off the bird and makes humans itch and scratch. Pigeon fouling and nest materials also provide a home for many other insects such as clothes moths, carpet beetle and mealworm beetles.

Pigeon fouling, when it is dry, is especially hazardous to humans as it creates airborne bacteria affecting anybody that may be susceptible to asthma and other breathing difficulties.

As registered waste carriers, Cleankill can carry out full scale removal of bird fouling, as well as contaminated goods and furniture, from infested properties.

Cleankill has been solving pest problems for commercial and domestic customers since 2005.Using the most up-to-date pest-control techniques and technology, the company keeps its customers pest free and makes sure it is at the fore-front of the industry when it comes to the use of pesticides and non-toxic pest control methodology.

As an Investor in People, all Cleankill’s staff are highly trained, and offer an exceptionally fast and efficient level of service. The company is a proud member of the British Pest Control Association, as well as being approved to ISO9001 and ISO14001. Cleankill is also fully accredited to the Altius Vendor Assessment, Safecontractor, Exor, Constructionline and Achilles Health and Safety accreditation schemes, and aims to be recognised as a market leader for innovation and new pest control techniques.

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