Surrey Research Park

Situated in Guildford, the Research Park, which is owned and managed by the University of Surrey, is home to over 200 science and technology enterprises, ranging from established leaders to emerging start-ups.

Over the course of the year, the tenants of the Park made substantial contributions to both the local Surrey economy and the broader UK economic landscape. In fact, in a significant milestone, the University unveiled its Economic Impact Report, assigning a tangible value to a myriad of innovation support activities, including those directly linked to Surrey Research Park’s endeavours. According to the report, published in March, the GVA (Gross Value Added) of these innovation activities stands at an impressive £660 million annually, supporting 7,640 jobs.

As the team eagerly anticipates the possibilities 2024 holds, its commitment remains steadfast in consolidating the Park’s position as the ultimate destination for pioneering research and, beyond this, propelling economic growth and fostering employment opportunities within the region.

For Caroline Fleming, who has recently assumed an expanded role at the University as Director of the Surrey Innovation District, overseeing the leadership of relationships within Surrey Research Park, the vision is clear. She explains, “The Surrey Innovation District is the beating heart of innovation in Surrey. We want to draw together the industry, academic and civic contributions and collaborations that support start-ups and growing businesses of all shapes and sizes to drive regional growth and positive societal impact.”

Members of the Surrey Research Park ecosystem, comprising industry-leading businesses working across sectors such as space, digital, environmental, animal health and human health, enjoy access to an extensive network of support. This encompasses first-class facilities, prime real estate options and an array of other resources, services and events designed to provide everything needed for starting up, scaling up and achieving success.

The Park offers a diverse range of spaces tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes. From collaborative co-working environments at Surrey Technology Centre (STC) and Rocketdesk to expansive real estate extending up to 40,000 sq ft, each option is designed to seamlessly support company growth and movement, featuring flexible leasing arrangements.

Individual commercial units, which can be readily adapted to create wet or dry laboratories, start at 1,000 sq ft and are available on a minimum three-year lease term. Alongside dedicated parking, they boast thoughtfully designed green spaces that contribute to enhanced biodiversity.

There are currently a number of vacancies at Surrey Technology Centre, a dedicated space for small research, development and design technology companies, located within Surrey Research Park. Tenancies come with a flexible contract, requiring just a 30-day notice period, making it a great choice for early-stage start-ups. Every STC unit is complete with broadband, car parking and a telephone system, with broadband service offered at a significant capacity and additional capacity available for tenants with high demands.

Strategically positioned with excellent travel links to London, Surrey Research Park is overseen by a devoted onsite property management team committed to supporting tenants through every step of their entrepreneurial journey. It goes beyond the conventional idea of a managed office or lab space; it’s a true home – a vibrant centre for networking, innovation and growth.

The benefits offered within the Park innovation ecosystem are vast. Whether you’re in pursuit of investment or funding, seek networking opportunities or aspire to collaborate with the UK’s leading academics, the affiliation with the University of Surrey guarantees unparalleled access. As a tenant, you will be equipped with the best chance to recruit highly skilled talent, engage
in collaborative research and develop-ment (R&D) projects and tap into a varied spectrum of innovation and business growth services throughout the district. Specifically tailored for tech start-ups, the SETsquared Surrey business incubator offers focused growth support, including the facilitation of Angel investments through the exclusive S100 Club.

As far as amenities go, there is an onsite café, corporate hospitality services, meeting room rentals, an e-shuttle bus service from the train station, bike storage, showers and a host of other conveniences to ensure smooth business operations. The site features 12 solar-powered EV charging bays, and tenants have access to a variety of nearby facilities and services, ranging from discounted health and wellbeing options at Surrey Sports Park to multimillion-pound centres of excellence at the University and local nursery provisions.

Surrey Research Park isn’t just a place for business – it’s a dynamic ecosystem where innovation thrives. From ground-breaking satellite development to revolutionary strides in animal cancer treatment, companies based there are global leaders, positioned to shape the future of science and technology.

As we step into 2024, the prospects for Surrey Research Park are brighter than ever, and the team looks forward to sharing and celebrating the numerous achievements and success stories of their esteemed members.

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