WokingQA HRDept

Please describe what your business does.

The HR Dept Woking provides outsourced HR support primarily for small to medium sized businesses in and around the Woking area. We work with businesses who typically do not have their own HR person and help them with their people strategies and challenges. For example, helping a business recruit another team member, dealing with a performance issue and general guidance about how to get the best of our their most important asset – their workforce.

How long have you been in Woking?

With my new business nearly 18 months that involves me working with local businesses. However previously I worked as European HR Director for a Woking based business for nearly 10 years.

Why is Woking a good place to do business?

Woking is a good place to do business because it has a vibrant and varied business community. There is a cross section of businesses in this area with new ones starting up all the time particularly in the Tech sector. A recent Forbes survey stated that Woking is the 10th most productive location for SMEs in the UK. So, the diversity of opportunity is huge along with great support to new businesses and practical considerations such as good rail and road links.


01483 603001 /
07392 311318

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