With many office buildings still empty due to the pandemic, rats and mice are able to run riot with little risk of disturbance by humans.

Building owners have a legal duty to keep their premises free of pests and many are realising the importance of a prevention contract.

A pest prevention contract is similar to an insurance contract – the difference being that with a company like Cleankill you will get at least eight ‘proactive’ visits from a highly trained pest control technician each year.

Choose your provider carefully. Some pest control companies over charge and under deliver. Others are untrustworthy and focused on sales targets rather than what is actually needed by the customer.

Cleankill Pest Control Managing Director Paul Bates explains: “With most things, you pay for what you get. Be wary if you get a cheap quote from a large company because it’s likely they will try to make up the shortfall by charging unexpected extras later on or cutting corners. Also be wary of contracts being ‘bundled’ with cleaning and landscaping. These services should be kept separate as they are very different and practises can sometimes conflict.”

The contractor you choose should belong to the British Pest Control Association and all staff should be qualified to the RSPH Level Two, have written accreditations in Health and Safety and full employers’ and public liability insurance.

Proofing against mice, rats and birds should be looked at as part of an overall integrated pest control system. Install fly-control units in kitchens, catering areas, bin rooms and delivery bays to catch the flies before they enter the building. Units available include standard ‘sparking’ units and glue-board units that can be moved around affected areas, particularly in those premises that suffer from the Autumn cluster flies.

Cleankill provides a detailed digital report at the end of each inspection which is available within minutes of the service being carried out.

Cleankill holds the following accreditations and Memberships:
Gold Investors in People; Achilles; Alcumus SafeContractor, Altius Assured Award and CDM: Avetta; Bat Conservation Trust; British Pest Control Association; Certified Professional Pest Management – BS EN 16636: 2015; CHAS – Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme; CHAS Premium Plus; Constructionline – Silver, Gold & Acclaim member; EXOR; ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and Safe4Site.

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