This question has been at the forefront of our minds as we search for answers to find what our new working life will look like after Coronavirus and also understanding how businesses are adapting to this change by supporting their employees.

Coronavirus has forced companies to adopt remote working very quickly, presenting challenges both logistically and from a duty of care perspective to their employees, as many people have experienced physical and mental health issues. Understanding these challenges has been key to employers supporting their staff to maintain
or even enhance productivity, whilst ensuring that employees are still engaged, healthy and safe in their new working environments.

We communicated a survey to 3,600 key decision makers to see how these changes have been received, how they’ve coped during lockdown and what challenges they’ve faced through working remotely.

Our research has found most people will not be going back to the traditional 9-to-5 office-based model. The majority will be returning to the office 2-3 days per week, with only a small percentage either being entirely office based or solely working remotely

90% of respondents had experienced poor posture or bad backs because of not having the right equipment to do their job productively and a rising number are struggling through a lack of social interaction, impacting on their mental health.

In summary, businesses that have embraced this new landscape by securing the correct infrastructure for their workers and engaging with their staff to support a better work/
life balance are reporting improvements to both productivity and staff morale.

Taking a holistic approach and addressing all aspects of remote working is the best way to ensure a happy and productive workforce.

RedBox Group have partnered with four leading businesses to work with employers tackling the challenges of managing a new remote workforce. Compare Your Footprint, Big Clean Switch, Fitways Wellness, Redbox and Oakleaf have developed a solution for the evolved workplace that enables a productive, supported and engaged workforce.

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