Jaguar F-Type AWDThe Jaguar F-Type AWD by motoring editor Maarten Hoffmann

Jaguar have been breaking the mould fairly consistently over the past few years and roaring back to life. From their grand and powerful days, Jaguar slipped into the doldrums until the Indians came to the rescue, in the form of Tata Industries. They now present a range of extremely good cars, full of character, style and speed.

If you read this column on a regular basis, you will know that l have rekindled my love affair with Jags. They might not be in quite the same league of build quality as the Germans but they do have that elusive ingredient - character. I have reviewed all the versions of the beautiful F-Type, from the drop top V6, the Coupe V8 and the drop top V8 and l have never come away disappointed, Exhilarated, excited and with soiled underpants on occasion but never disappointed.

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