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At the current time with lockdown imposed and social distancing enforced, businesses are being forced to innovate.

Director of Consortium – more than marketing and the Founder of, Lara Squires has embraced technology to take the Ladies Lunch clubs online.

The ladies lunch clubs are a not for profit group set up back in 2005. With the current situation of lockdown and social distancing Lara instantly took the decision to keep the group going but take it online.

Lara said, “Social interaction is really important to me. I love my networking and could appreciate how isolating suddenly working remotely would be for me along with many others! Having not experienced online networking before I joined a 4networking group (well worth trying btw). This was a great experience and showed me how straight forward and valuable an online network could be.

“As a not for profit group we toyed with whether we should be charging something for running the events but decided that we would leave it up to the attendees to make a donation to the local food bank instead.

We have been really fortunate to keep our wonderful sponsors who contribute to the running costs of the lunch and as a result have enabled us to continue. A quick mention to Harvey John, Humphrey & Co Accountants and Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic.

“We have now held several lunches so far, Eastbourne, Brighton, London and Worthing. The other unexpected bonus of being virtual is that you can attend them all as many of our ladies have and, in doing so, they have managed to expand their networks!”

Due to the success of taking the ladies lunch clubs virtually, Lara has now gone on to set up a Professionals Virtual Lunch which launched on April 24th (these will be held monthly whilst we are socially distancing). This event is open to both men and women who work in the professional services sector. Yet again the event will be free of charge with voluntary donations to Turning Tides who are Consortiums charity partner.

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