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Please describe what your business does…

‘A haven in Hove’ is how one regular visitor described the Float Spa because we offer a chance for people to escape the clamour and stress of daily life and take time out to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing. As well as offering floatation therapy in state of the art float pods, we also host an extensive range of yoga classes, offer a variety of massage therapies and have a resident chiropractor and nutritionist.

Floatation allows people to float free from gravity and external stimulation to encourage mind and body to completely relax relieving pain and stress in their whole being.

What makes your business special?

Exceptional service, a welcoming atmosphere and an immaculate but relaxing environment are what set the Float Spa apart. Our dedicated close-knit team take great pride in helping people undergo a transformation from stressed and achy to relaxed with reduced or no pain. We only offer tried and tested ways to improve people’s wellbeing and would never offer a fashionable type of class or therapy if we weren’t 100% convinced it would do our clients good.

How long have you been in Brighton and Hove?

Our spa in Hove has been open for nearly three years now.

Why is Brighton and Hove a good place to do business?

People in Brighton and Hove are very open to new experiences and there’s a real culture of people looking after themselves so it’s a great place for us to introduce people to new ways to feel good. For business in general, there is a very active and supportive network of small businesses who are happy to work together and help each other. 

Tel 01273 933 680.

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