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Websites from some of the world’s most well-known and popular brands such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Canon and Heineken have something in common – they all run on the Sitecore platform. In the past few years, Sitecore has developed a reputation as one of the web’s most useful content management systems which allows website owners to put a focus on marketing and customer experience. 

But whether you are thinking of launching a brand new site and aren’t sure which platform you want it to run on, or you are thinking of transferring your existing online operation to a different CMS, Sitecore could be perfect for you. 

Originally launched back in 2001, Sitecore has a rich history in producing fantastic websites that are great both for their owners and for customers and visitors to the site. As one of the leading .NET-based content management systems, it is known as an option that is powerful, scalable and flexible, making it a perfect choice for businesses. Here we look at some of the reasons that Sitecore can become such a popular CMS, and why it could be the perfect one for you. 

User-friendly CMS

There is no doubt that one of the challenges that businesses with larger and more complicated websites face is they are difficult to manage. It is unfortunately the case that many of the more powerful platforms are designed with tech-savvy users in mind which can make them difficult and cumbersome to manage for other staff members.

Sitecore, however, has prioritised a user-friendly interface to ensure it is easy to manage. The system is simple to learn and intuitive, meaning that content and updates to the site can be managed by non-technical staff. As well as ensuring an easy interface to work from, this has the additional benefit of freeing up time amongst your development and backend team to leave them free to get on with more demanding tasks. 

The benefits of Sitecore-optimised hosting 

One of the major benefits of working with Sitecore is that you can rely on the expertise of hosting companies. The popularity of the CMS ensures that there is a large base of experts and those with extensive experience utilising it. Many hosting companies (such as Wirehive) offer hosting solutions that are purely designed around helping you get the most out of your Sitecore website. 

For large enterprises and extensive Sitecore deployments it is often necessary to have a bespoke hosting system set up for a range of reasons from cost efficiency to security. It means that if you are interested in having a Sitecore website created you can easily look to the expertise of these hosting companies. 

This broad range of options is undoubtedly something that has contributed to the on-going and growing success of the CMS. 

No issues with responsive designs

In an age of customers accessing websites through multiple devices with different screen sizes it is vital to have a website with a responsive design. Failing to do so can leave customers seeing unattractive sites that may have been optimised correctly for a desktop computer but have a design that simply doesn’t work on a phone or tablet. 

Sitecore has a number of intelligent elements which means that sites will automatically display content in a specific format depending on the device that is detected. The same is true of different browsers, as these will display websites different. Sitecore detects the browser and displays the correct version.  

A/B testing and optimising content

Sitecore utilises multivariate testing in order to allow you to test out multiple versions of your website to see which components are most effective with your visitors. This is an extremely important aspect of conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Many business put a significant amount of time and budget in CRO trying to establish the best ways to present the site in order to convert visitors into customers.

However, the truth is with the CRO that there is nothing quite as effective as testing out the site yourself and establishing which elements of the site work best for your business. Sitecore makes this as easy as possible, this means that there is no need to hire in CRO specialists or get help from outside agencies to optimise the site.

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