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The Sussex Chamber of Commerce sits at the heart of local business communities, helping hundreds of companies of every size and sector to grow and thrive. Trade has existed for hundreds of years. Whether directly or indirectly, each and every business contributes to the global economy. Visitors, tourists, employees, components, parts, supplies, food, and currency move around the world helping businesses grow.

The Sussex Chamber of Commerce provides the network and business support needed for the economy to prosper. Our mission is to help business “Grow, Develop, Discover and Influence”.



The Chamber helps hundreds of companies of every size and sector. There are over 80 networking events throughout the Sussex county to choose from which provide business with opportunities to network, gain key contacts, learn from inspirational speakers, pick up tips and ideas as well as providing forums to gain insights as to what is happening in the local community and beyond. The international trade forums open doors to allow SME’s to be part of the supply chain and work with larger organisations internationally. We hold regular forums to provide updates and case studies to help you on your export or import journey.

As part of the British Chambers network, some services are provided for free or at heavily discounted rates to our business members. One of these services is Moneycorp, who are foreign exchange experts. If you have international payment requirements they provide money saving foreign exchange to Chamber members. 

The global market can provide huge opportunities for businesses that import and export physical goods, but there is also a huge demand for professional services all over the world. We can connect business with British Chambers throughout the world and provide market snapshots, quarterly trade outlooks and market seminars through A great way to connect with other countries. 

Once a year, an international trade summit brings British Chambers and business from around the world together. This year this will take place on the October 18th 2018 in London.  (



Training across your workforce, from shop floor to executive level and in any discipline, improves competitiveness, morale, profitability, market share, customer satisfaction and company reputation and profile. In these uncertain times training increases your ability to respond effectively to change.

In the last year we have seen almost a 50% growth in companies seeking bespoke training in international trade. A fantastic way to improve the effectiveness of your current workforce and motivate ambitious people. 

Our highly respected international trade courses cover all the main principles of international trade dealings. Our courses provide you with the key skills required in understanding the paperwork, tariff codes, an introduction to export procedures, the use of documentary letters of credit, drafts and bills right through to understanding the rules. 

The British Chambers of Commerce developed a Foundation Award in international trade training in response to the government’s focus on the need to grow the number of UK exporters as part of the UK recovery plan. It includes courses for exporters including a number of topics central to supporting any export drive. These courses are delivered by the Sussex Chamber to form an import and export curriculum, giving international traders the essential skills. 



The Sussex Chamber is licensed to certify and arrange legalisation of export documentation. We will also assist exporters throughout the process of completing the documentation; from choosing the right documentation to ensuring it is correctly filled in. Export documentation is required to comply with import regulations in the country of arrival, evidence the country of manufacture of the goods and ensure payment under a Letter of Credit.

We can help you with:

Certificates of Origin

Certificate of Origin preparation service

Electronic Export documentation

Certification, Legalisation & Notarisation of Export Documentation

EUR1 & ATR customs authentication

Letter of Credit processing service

ATA Carnet


A recent new service is the provision of certificates of conformity. Unsafe and unreliable imported products can result in injury, death or damage to property. This is the reason why most countries around the world have strengthened requirements in place to ensure their consumers are protected from sub-standard products and goods. Certificates of conformity show that the goods being exported comply with the relevant technical regulations and national, regional or international standards of the country of import, protecting the health, safety and environment of citizens from substandard imported goods and giving assurance to the local market. These are a mandatory document for customs clearance.


Did you know?

In the last financial year, we produced over 20,000 documents for exporters. Over 80 documents per day. A growth of 12% in the last 12 months, with the majority of businesses exporting to the EU or Middle East.



We can help represent the interests of business in government. There is a quarterly economic survey which is the UK’s largest and most authoritative private sector business survey. We provide policy updates, trade research and monthly economic reviews. By working together with the Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities, councils, town Chambers and MP’s we can help represent business interests where needed. 

The British Chambers also produces a quarterly international trade outlook and has also put together a business Brexit checklist to help businesses consider the changes that leaving the EU may bring to their business as well as a business Brexit priorities report. 


The Sussex Chamber is proud to be at the heart of Sussex, providing business the opportunities needed to grow the local and global economy, to develop its employees and the future workforce, to discover new markets and influence key decision makers.


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