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It’s here. After many months of watching GDPR getting steadily closer and closer, it’s now arrived. If you have been viewing it with a sense of inescapable doom, rather as you would a tornado on the horizon that you couldn’t outrun, then you can stop worrying and relax.

The need for legal reforms such as GDPR are driven by the relentless digitalisation of our world that brings with it risks to personal security - but at Smith & Ouzman we have always been one step ahead.

What's new about eKeepersecure?

The innovations for sensitive documents and secure data management that Smith & Ouzman has developed means that our customers are always protected. Our technology allows you to manage and process your customers’ personal data and sensitive information according to best practice but without the risk of exposure to fraud, counterfeiting and reputational damage.

One area of normal office life that you may not have considered being affected by GDPR is paper recycling. These days most people are pretty switched on about the safe disposal of personal documents such as utility bills and bank statements, anything that could be used for identity fraud or clearing out your bank account. But are we so careful when it comes to fraud within the workplace? Possibly not.

The trouble with the people who commit this kind of crime is that you can’t spot them; they could be an employee or a colleague, as unlikely as that may seem, and if your confidential waste is just going into your office recycling bin it’s easy pickings for anyone who has a mind to. 

If you are responsible for the safe keeping of your company’s confidential documents you are responsible for their safe disposal too. Even if you are shredding your documents and have them collected by a waste disposal company, without an audit trail and certificate of destruction, you have no proof of what happens to your waste after it leaves your premises.

Can eKeepersecure insure confidentiality?

eKeepersecure’s confidential shredding service with audit trail and certificate of destruction is the most secure way of complying with your legal obligation to protect any data you hold about your clients and employees. It’s also a great way of reducing your company’s environmental footprint and meeting your sustainability targets. We can provide this service as a one-off or on a regular basis according to your needs. We can collect from your premises or you can deliver your document to us, the choice is entirely yours.  

eKeepersecure also offers a flexible document storage service that allows businesses to free up valuable office space and banish clutter by storing boxes of sensitive and important documents in Smith & Ouzman’s secure facilities. The service includes collection and delivery and boxes can be easily retrieved at any time by making an online request. 

So far from being an onerous burden, the need to comply with GDPR is actually a great opportunity for companies to evolve, modernise and set new standards of best practice. Find out more about eKeepersecure at and drive your business into the future with confidence.

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