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Marbella has a reputation for being able to deliver everything you could need to live the high life. On top of the fantastic Andalusian weather and beautiful golden beaches, Marbella is packed with fine dining, high-end shopping, luxury accommodation and exceptional nightlife.

If you’ve decided that you want a little slice of Marbella to yourself, the first step is to decide which area is the best location for your budget and lifestyle. Do you want quick access to the top-tier clubs and bars every weekend? Or would you prefer the peace and quiet of being surrounded by exclusive golf courses on all sides?

Whether you prefer shopping, sports or socialising, here are five of the best spots in the Marbella area for setting up a holiday retreat.

The Golden Mile

The fabulous stretch of silky sand that runs between western Marbella and Puerto Banús is called the ‘Golden Mile’, even though it’s actually four miles long. The area along this seafront is known for being the epicentre of the Marbella scene, hosting some of the most exclusive clubs, expensive properties and best views in the vicinity.

The Golden Mile offers considerable exclusivity, with the majority of properties being beyond the average budget. Along the seafront and set back towards the hills you’ll find palatial villas, sweeping estates and modern mansions that come with price tags in the multi-millions, although private gardens, swimming pools and generous square footage is a given.

Look for property hereif you’re ready to embrace every aspect of the Marbella lifestyle, from sand and sea to the occasional celebrity neighbour.

Puerto Banús

If you’re more about Marbella’s glamour than its beaches, Puerto Banús may well be the area for you. Although there is a wonderful strip of sand, everything here is focused around the marina area. Since opening in 1970, it’s quickly grown to become one of the best-known ports in Europe.

The designer boutiques, high-end eateries and extravagant parties attract rich and famous clients from all over the world, with sensational super-yachts regularly drawing into the harbour. Once you’ve exhausted yourself with shoppingand people watching, head inside for a siesta before stepping out to enjoy exceptional cocktails at La Sala, Pangea, TIBU and Sky Lounge and party late into the night.

Apartments are king here, and a fairly modest budget of £300k-£400k is sufficient for a contemporary apartment with access to a shared pool and country club facilities. Of course, development exclusivity and quality of finish will increase with the more you can afford to splash out.

Nueva Andalucía

Just west of Marbella and slightly inland from the marina of Puerto Banús is the relatively new development of NuevaAndalucía. This sizeable area has something to offer most buyers that are looking for a comfortable home in Marbella without breaking the bank.

Offering a more peaceful atmosphere than the buzzing seafront, residents in NuevaAndalucía can enjoy the tranquil side of Spain without compromising on quality.

NuevaAndalucía is known for its ‘Golf Valley’, where beautiful villas punctuate the sweeping golfing greens of Aloha, Los Naranjos and Las Brisas. Homes here are also well positioned to enjoy the designer shops, Michelin-starred restaurants and luxurious spasthat are dotted across the area.

La Zagaleta

The exclusive estate of La Zagaleta is more like the ultimate country club than a neighbourhood. Situated in the hills to the north of San Pedro, you’ll have to head slightly off the beaten track (only by a few minutes) to get there but will find exceptional privacy in exchange. For this reason, La Zagaleta is often the chosen retreat of A-list celebrities, including Hollywood stars, musicians, sports personalities and politicians.

The nearby country club has a strict ‘residents only’ policy for membership, boasting two immaculate golf courses and an enviable clubhouse complete with swimming pool, library and bowling alley. You’ll also find an equestrian centre, tennis courts and fantastic hiking trails to discover the natural beauty and wildlife nearby.

As you might imagine, this level of discretion and luxury tends to mean that homes in La Zagaleta are snapped up for the highest prices across the region.

It’s highly recommended that you spend some time in your favourite area prior to buying a property, particularly if you intend for it to be a long-term purchase where you’ll spend a significant amount of time. Experience it during the high season and low season to make sure you enjoy the atmosphere (and weather) all year round and make sure you speak to locals that have made the move themselves – they’ll be able to tell you exactly how much fun they’ve been having since they arrived!

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