Staff at The Grand Brighton have been pretty busy over the last six months; not only with the big reveal of our freshly refurbished façade, but also championing wellbeing far and wide. We identified four key areas of focus for an all-round approach to boosting wellness: Sleep, Hydration, Exercise and Diet.

We began by focusing on championing the power of a good night’s sleep for improving wellbeing and reducing stress, encouraging our clients and peers in the industry to assess their own sleeping habits. We shared a 30-second meditation video, encouraging the viewer to take 30 seconds out of their day to do nothing but listen to the calming sounds of the hotel’s serene beach surroundings.

We also shared a ‘sleep tips’ video giving guidance on the optimum preparation for a good night’s sleep, building on the experience of guests enjoying a stay in our bedrooms and giving insights into the importance of rest. ’Sleep well’ essentials including a sleep oil, eye mask and calming night time tea were gifted to key clients, and we offered exclusive spa ‘booster’ treatments for conference delegates for a period of time, including relaxation massages to the head, neck, hands and lower legs.

The second area of focus we place highly on the wellbeing agenda is hydration. Water makes up about 70% of our brains and up to 75% of our bodies, so it’s understandably important to keep hydrated throughout the day! We recognised that for many of us with busy jobs and lives, it can be difficult to factor in simply having a regular drink of water amongst hectic schedules, so we created our very own Grand Brighton water bottles for easy and effortless hydration.

We also shared our top tips on staying hydrated during a busy work day - from eating water-rich foods to alternating alcoholic drinks with a glass of water - it was important for us to show how simple habits can have such an impact, as drinking plenty of water can boost the mood, increase energy and even have a positive effect on brainpower.

The final two wellbeing components we are championing are exercise and a healthy diet. Something as simple as regularly stretching throughout the day can have such a positive impact on our ability to cope with stress and maintain focus, so we are creating our own resistance bands alongside simple ways to utilise them throughout the day. Eating healthily can be tough when on the go, but switching up a snack to a healthy energy bar still feels like a bit of a treat while delivering that energy-boosting goodness that our bodies crave. We also offer healthy choices on our banqueting menus to make sure delegates have all the tools they need to make the right choices for them.

With the importance of wellbeing becoming ever more vital in our ‘always-on’ culture, The Grand Brighton are leading the charge on advocating healthy choices and helping delegates make achievable goals for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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