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Modern day employers face a challenge – ill heath at work (in whatever form it presents itself) is an unwanted expense.  The UK population is showing clear signs that the pressure of every-day life (at both work and at home) is taking its toll. 

Poor diet, and low levels of physical activity, coupled with growing levels of associated mental health issues is resulting in an illness epidemic amongst our workforce. 

Research now clearly shows that poor mental and physical health contributes to sickness, lower productivity, lower staff engagement, and higher than necessary staff attrition – all of which lead to an increase in costs. It is now well documented that the general health and wellbeing of a company’s workforce has a direct link to its business performance. 

Why we established the business

ViiSana is a multi-award-winning Sussex based family run business that is achieving breakthrough growth in a very crowded market. We formed the business in 2015 because we noticed a significant gap in the marketplace, particularly in the business-to-business space, where there are relatively few providers who offer health and wellbeing programmes that give results-based outputs – that equally benefit the employer and employee alike. Our company aim was simple - to address this gap. 

Why? Because the commercial benefits enjoyed by those businesses who invest in the wellbeing of their employees can include:

1. Attract and retain talent – employees want to be fit & healthy, and want to work for a business that helps them and recognises the value of same

2. Staff resilience (and general wellbeing) is improved - companies who engage report 8% improvement

3. Sick days are reduced - those who focus on wellness at work report a 29% reduction in working days lost*

(*Source: Corporate Investment in Employee Wellbeing – the emerging strategic imperative, Ashridge business school and Nuffield health – Dec 2011)

4. Improved productivity saves money - Britain’s Healthiest Companies report a minimum of 16% improvement 

Why Vitality?

What makes ViiSana unique is that they are one of a select group of brokers who exclusively sell Vitality, by forming an Exclusive Association between the two brands. Vitality need no introduction. It’s become a household name, synonymous with providing defaqto 5 star rated life and health insurance that is coupled with a range of healthy discounts and rewards incentivising their members to keep fit and healthy. These include:

• Up to 50% off monthly membership fees at gyms including David Lloyd, Virgin Active and Nuffield Health *

• 75% off Champney’s spa breaks *

• Up to 12 cinema tickets per year at Cineworld and Vue cinemas per adult member *

• Weekly drinks at Starbucks for getting active *

• Up to 40% off European return economy flights with BA *

• Annual membership to Amazon Prime worth £79 *

• And many more

ViiSana is one of Vitality’s largest Exclusive Associate brokers in volume terms and has recently been recognised as their fastest growing partner in 2018. This growth has been driven by using the Vitality product as the base for our proposition – and adding extra layers of products, services and most importantly, engagement support. Experience has taught us that sustainable, long term habit change (particularly in relation to health and wellbeing programmes at work) is far stronger when ongoing engagement and relationship support is provided. We provide a full support service including wellness days, open clinics, ongoing advice and support – as well as lots of additional benefits and rewards. 



Phone 0333 772 0761


*All the rewards are subject to terms and conditions and may be subject to minimum premiums, the type of plan selected and tracking physical activity


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