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What legacy will you create for your company? Building a great growth strategy in the face of uncertainty isn’t easy, and leaving your mark on an established business is even harder.

Sussex Innovation’s BRAIN programme was created to help established companies respond tactically to a shifting business environment of new entrants and challenger brands. It enables the directors of successful enterprises to collaborate directly with innovators, delivering real change and positioning themselves for the future.

“We are already making some valuable connections between organisations in the Coast to Capital region, and the many innovations that we work with at Sussex Innovation,” says David Porter, BRAIN project manager. “We have ongoing projects to reduce energy consumption, create greater operational efficiencies and develop new products for companies.”


How it works

Many larger businesses lack the time and surplus cashflow to invest in innovation, and when they do, it tends to be spent on internal R&D, with a focus on improving existing products and services. To offer an alternative, the BRAIN project involves a simple three step process:

  1. Sussex Innovation’s experienced advisors provide a free consultation – getting to know your business, uncovering its challenges and opportunities, and diagnosing your requirements
  2. A shortlist of relevant ideas is whittled down from a portfolio of hundreds of local start-ups, small businesses and academic innovators, and presented back to you
  3. You choose the ideas that you’d like to follow up; collaborating with the innovators behind them as they develop and deliver a final product with true value to your business


What does your business need most? Whether you want to diversify through new technologies, derive more profit from your data, or devote attention to your team culture and wellbeing, chances are that the BRAIN network includes someone who can help:


Digital Transformation

From the manufacturing sector to construction, traditional industries are catching on to the potential of digital systems to deliver greater reliability, consistency and efficiency. Smart tracking tools and IoT tech being developed by BRAIN innovators could help ensure faster production and fulfilment, deliver better forecasting and utilisation rates, or reduce operational overheads.


Making Sense of Data

Most large businesses these days produce mountains of data, but few can get past the complexity involved in understanding and interpreting it. From mathematicians at the Data Intensive Science Centre, to tailored business intelligence expertise, specialists in the BRAIN portfolio can help you to manage, analyse and exploit that data, giving you access to the most valuable and actionable information that you have, at a glance.


Business Security and Continuity

Security, compliance and risk management are a crucial part of any modern business, as advances in connectivity and communications technology bring new threats with them. To future proof your business when it comes to cyber security and data protection can sometimes require in-depth knowledge of these emerging trends, and a purpose-built solution.


HR, Recruitment and Engagement

Nothing is more important to the success of your business than the people who work for it. That’s why some of the most fertile ground for innovation in recent years has come in products that help you to maximise your team’s potential. The suite of BRAIN technologies includes several products that help monitor and improve employee wellbeing, engagement and loyalty, as well as services grounded in insights from occupational and behavioural psychology experts.


Fundamental Research and IP

The clusters of innovations discussed above barely begin to scratch the surface when it comes to the range of exciting new products that could offer a unique commercial advantage to your business. Sensory technology that delivers revolutionary ways of manipulating sound, touch and smell, groundbreaking interfaces that could change the face of human-computer interaction, and the latest advances in biotech – there are a world of new ideas to explore.


Contact the Sussex Innovation team at for a free consultation, to find the right match for your business’ requirements.

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