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Bridgeham Clinic, located in the heart of Manor Royal, takes patients on a ‘broken to brilliant’ journey with a unique approach to rehabilitation and wellbeing


Describe Bridgeham Clinic 

Bridgeham Clinic is led by husband and wife team, Jo and Trevor Strutt. Trevor’s father originally set up the clinic in 1993 from his home at Bridgeham Grange in Smallfield. The clinic has moved and steadily grown, but still retains the family friendly feel that is so important to Jo and Trevor.

The clinic is a multidisciplinary centre specialising in musculoskeletal medicine, offering osteopathy, Pilates & Garuda machine and mat-work sessions, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, foot health, hypnotherapy and Pranic healing. 


What are the clinic’s specialist areas?

We take time to listen, formulating a treatment plan with the patient. We observe that patients are most likely to fully recover when they understand what is going on in their body. Our osteopaths specialise in diagnosing and explaining what is needed for an effective personalised treatment plan. 

We integrate osteopathy with prescriptive Pilates sessions to aid a successful “broken to brilliant” journey. Posture awareness and advice for everyday activities makes such a difference to the success of treatment. Our mat classes are restricted to 12 so we can ensure everyone gets personal attention.


What led Jo and Trevor to their professions?

Jo has a background in dance and musical theatre in London’s West End. An accident forced a career change and her passion for movement and recovering from injury is what drives her in her current role teaching Pilates and Garuda.

Trevor has a background in sport and fitness. Both he and Jo have first-hand experience of back problems and of recovery without needing surgery. They know what it feels like when it hurts! This personal experience and being trained by an exceptional third-generation osteopath helped Trevor to develop his passion for taking patients on a successful “broken to brilliant” journey.


What should patients expect from the space?

Bridgeham provides a professional service in a warm and friendly environment. The clinic is modern, light and airy, and is known locally as the building “with the skeletons on”.

We expanded from one to five treatment rooms, and then added a machine Pilates and Movement studio to the business within six months. Managing that expansion has been our biggest challenge. We benefit from a marvellous Manor Royal location – before and after work, and lunchtime Pilates classes are popular for local employees in the area and we offer a BID discount. 


What is unique about the clinic’s methods?

Bridgeham is a one-stop health and wellbeing clinic. We use the protocols of neutralise, stabilise, mobilise. In this way we can plan a treatment pathway for a successful outcome for each patient.

In osteopathy, the patient experiences hands-on treatment from their practitioner to assist alignment into the right position. The use of Pilates machine equipment within the treatment rooms encourages patients’ nervous systems to ‘learn’ these new positions. 

Bridgeham osteopaths can refer patients to the most suitable practitioner in-house, and all practitioners work towards the same outcome for each patient. We also have two Garuda Pilates Machines (the only ones you’ll find in the Gatwick Diamond area) that help you move in ways you never thought possible! 

Aches, pains and niggles are worth catching before they turn into big problems! Low back aches, stiff knees and ankle joints, hip replacement preparation and recovery along with knee surgery can all be supported at Bridgeham. Neck and shoulder pains can be eradicated, and we can give posture awareness tips for whatever you do on a daily basis.


What is Bridgeham’s approach to general health and wellbeing?

Bridgeham takes a holistic approach. Acupuncture, for example, helps with a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions as well as managing levels of energy throughout the seasons. Our other supporting services, such as nutrition, hypnotherapy and Pranic healing complement our mechanical treatments.

Our goal is to introduce our “Broken to Brilliant Wellbeing” packages to more families and businesses in Crawley and Manor Royal. We potentially change people’s lives – physically, mentally and emotionally, and sometimes spiritually. A patient who needed back surgery has just returned from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – pain free.

Helping people to find freedom from pain and from movement patterns that cause discomfort is an absolute pleasure and a joy for us, and we are blessed that our jobs are so rewarding. We love sharing our knowledge and love meeting people who wish to learn how to make everlasting changes for the better.


Here is what one patient said about coming to Bridgeham:

I have been doing Pilates at Bridgeham for four years and the difference it has made to my body with regard to strength and movement has been incredible. I started classes to improve a chronic low back problem and it hasn’t just improved it, Pilates has fixed it! What Jo does through her classes helps you understand how your body works. This in turn helps you stay fit and healthy and improves your flexibility and strength. Jo has an incredible understanding of the body and personalises exercises within the class to help specific problem areas. I work as a GP and cannot recommend Bridgeham clinic highly enough. I believe Pilates is the answer to a whole host of muscular skeletal problems as well as improving your strength, flexibility and wellbeing. If you are thinking of starting Pilates classes, look no further!


For further information or to book an appointment, please call 01293 542245.

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