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Why it’s best to invest in seating

We hear from Posturite, the leading workplace health and wellbeing specialists, on the process of buying, installing and setting up...

Movers & Shakers

In the first instalment of the latest appointments and promotions across the business world; we see who’s doing what and where, including...

Could you be the next Vice Chair?

Coast to Capital is accepting applicants for a Vice Chair in order to help lead the region and meet the ambitious vision set out in...

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are an important aspect of any disciplinary process, but there are several reasons why an outside investigator...

A sound approach

We talk to Avensys, the South’s largest independent audio visual specialist, on why being located in the heart of the Gatwick...

Growing the pension pot

The People’s Pension is introducing a new incentive this summer which will enable members to save thousands of pounds over their...

Fast track to success

With nearly 70 years experience in the sign industry working at FASTSIGNS, there can be little that Melanie Martinez, Jose Martinez...

Manor Royal - strength in numbers

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of the Manor Royal BID, looks to the next five years at one of the biggest business districts in the...

Gate expectations

Frontier Pitts, British manufacturer of security solutions, introduce their latest Platinum Gate range  As the market leader...

Broken to brilliant

Bridgeham Clinic, located in the heart of Manor Royal, takes patients on a ‘broken to brilliant’ journey with a unique...

Gatwick Diamond - a jewel in the property crown

Stephen Oliver, partner at Gatwick-based property advisers, Vail Williams LLP, shares his views on what to expect from the property...

Changing the way we work

Freedom Works, the creative, flexible co-working hub, has opened a new space at the Crawley Business Quarter, Manor Royal. We hear...

Focus on Crawley

Located halfway between London and Brighton, Crawley is one of the UK’s most resilient and strongest performing town economies;...

Managing the mental health minefield

Let’s face it, we have a juggernaut heading our way. The average UK workplace is not taking the growing mental health issues...

The Platinum Challenge - parts 3 & 4

All square after two events, the Platinum Challenge moves to Q Leisure in Albourne for some competitive outdoor fun! A short...

Supporting Professors and Lecturers

Discover how this business incubation network treats academic innovators as start-up founders...

Get Dirty for Charity

Operation MUD is back! Prepare to get muddy for charity in this 5km muddy obstacle course ...

SE private sector output stagnates in March

Private sector growth in the South East ground to a halt in March, according to the latest NatWest PMI® data. Both total output...

A lifelong passion for motoring

Mike Harris, Head of Fleet Sales JLR at Harwoods Group, has spent all his adult life in automotive retail, and he is as passionate...

Shake hands in... Austin, Texas

Jeremy Taylor finds a warm and friendly Texan welcome  - and great nightlife!...

Jaguar E-Pace

New Jaguar models seem to arrive in a flurry and the E-Pace is the latest such venture. A crossover that is set to rival the Audi Q3,...

Better employee engagement

Setting up a staff forum by Harry Sherrard, Principal of Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors High on most employees’ wish list...

When a career break isn't career-ending

Taking a break from work has never been more acceptable. Kathryn Paisley, Partner at Rix & Kay, tells us why an extended period...

Tax awareness tips for property investors

Rachel Pearce, a Tax Director at MHA Carpenter Box, looks at some important tax considerations for property investment businesses   Tax...

Five questions private equity investors will ask

Jack Clipsham and Haodong Zhang of Kreston Reeves share the five key questions every private equity investor will ask a business looking...

Mergers and acquisitions: reasons to be cheerful

EMC Corporate Finance CEO Nik Askaroff finds silver linings in the M&A market even under the Brexit cloud EMC celebrates its 30th year...

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