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Gone are the days of LinkedIn being seen as a rather naff ‘digital CV’. It is now the most popular marketing platform for B2B organisations, largely because Microsoft have made some great improvements to the platform over the past couple of years. 45% of B2B marketers have gained customers through LinkedIn (Ref: Quick Sprout). 

We can now not only upload native video to LinkedIn, but also have the ability to live stream. They’ve released a simple, yet long sought after, ability to post on your profile or page from the home feed and we can also invite our connections to follow our company pages. 

So the platform is improving, but how do we utilise it to generate new business?

The reason LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketing and networking is because we know people are in a ‘work mindset’ when on the platform. LinkedIn activity should mirror ‘real life’ networking to generate new business. Think about how you behave at a networking event and apply this to LinkedIn.

Be social, meet new people and grow your network
Our LinkedIn feeds are only as interesting as the people we’re connected with. So it’s imperative to grow a relevant network, including those you’d love to do business with.

Engage with others and contribute to conversations 
The LinkedIn algorithm favours posts that generate engagement, particularly comments and conversations. You wouldn’t stand at a networking event shouting to anyone who would listen about your business; you join conversations and contribute your expertise when relevant. The same goes for LinkedIn.

Share ideas and stories that are useful or interesting to others
If you take a look at your LinkedIn news feed, you’ll quickly become aware that you scroll past the more ‘salesy’ posts and adverts (unless they’re particularly well targeted) and instead read the more engaging, authentically written posts that interest you.

It can be a struggle to build up a following on your company page organically as LinkedIn is focused on the individual, in the same way a networking event is.

One strategy that will bring results involves mobilising your most socially savvy, engaged employees to optimise their profiles, grow their networks, pro-actively engage with others and share their expertise and work-related stories. 

In 2020 ‘Employee advocacy’ content will continue to be the most trusted by LinkedIn members, but it takes a coordinated and strategic approach. A company page that is balanced with corporate published content and posts shared from employees, presents a credible business with a skilled and engaged team. 

Social networking is as worth investing in as real life networking (even if we can’t enjoy the food and drink!). 

Social Brighton deliver in-house training and consultancy on LinkedIn Lead Generation and Content Marketing.

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