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Electrification is about to get a boost as all humans because they have been desperately trying to do it for years. have seen what happens when we switch everything off and stop moving, thanks to a certain pandemic. Here are my top ten EV’s, but it is VERY dependant on what Clear skies, clearer oceans, animals reappear and the planet slows down.

Electric Vehicles (EV) will likely benefit from more government discounts next year along with bikes and scooters, as an unexpected result of the current ‘hostage crisis’ is that more cities will close roads to gain social distancing, and because they have been desperately trying to do it for years. 

Here are my top ten EV’s, but it is VERY dependant on what pack you buy as, like fossil cars, they come with various motors, battery packs, states of trim and price tags.

Spec a Tesla S at over £120,000 and you will have the fast- est car you have ever driven, beating Lamborghini, Ferrari and just about anything else on the road. The oddity is that it comes with five seats, four doors, a massive boot and 95% off the running costs.

When you think about that it is mightily impressive - a tour de force that showed what could be done by a barking-mad billionaire. Creating a new concept in locomotion that revolutionised the horseless carriage and the air we breathe - in seventeen years.

It has been Tesla’s market from the start and they still have all three of their models in the top ten but their heels are bloody from the biting of the pack roaring up behind and with all major manufacturers getting in on it, they will one- day be history. It’s all in the battery technology.

As with mpg figures, all manufacturers should be admonished for their range figures - virtually the only sensitive aspect of purchase and with the work from home concept taking off as fast as airlines are being grounded, EV’s make even more sense.

A great motor and good value but dull to drive and a dull design
Range: 217 miles
Real: 127
Price from: £29,790

A great EV but held back by the very high price
Range: 351 miles
Real: 233
Price from: £86,200

A decent EV as long as you don’t want stunning design
Range: 174 miles
Real: 117
Price from: £30,950

Looks like a normal city car and a much improved cabin Range: 195 miles
Real: 192
Price from: £28,495

6: BMW i3
A good little car that’s been around a while but benefits from BMW handling
Range: 145 miles
Real: 121
Price from: £35,120

5: AUDI e-tron
Audi’s first with all the expected benefits but a tad cumbersome
Range: 249 miles
Real: 175
Price from: £59,185

A serious contender that looks sound at a great price
Range: 279 miles
Real: 259
Price from: £29,900

For my money, the best EV you can buy and it proved a point but it is let down by its very high price.
Range: 393 miles
Real: 204
Price from: £81,200

A great looking car, fast, good range and Jaguar nailed it first time
Range: 292 miles
Real: 253
Price from: £63,925

Finally a Tesla at a sensible price and it is flying off the shelves. Buy the Performance version for a motor on each axle, a larger battery and warp speed
Range: 348 miles
Real: 239
Price from: £42,500

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