In recent months we have seen change of all types, firstly in the fight against a global pandemic, and secondly with the Black Lives Matter movement which has brought to the forefront issues surrounding inequality around the world.

Naturally, we have all been challenged to take a deeper look into how we live our own lives, perform our jobs and analyse our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Hurst College, as a school of excellence, is not exempt from this challenge and has therefore decided to tackle this head on to create the new role of Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Housemistress Jami Edwards-Clarke (above) will expand her existing role to take on the new position.

“My hope is to work closely with a team of well-informed staff members, along with passionate students, to bring about positive changes so that we think more critically about diversity at Hurst. Working together with both the pupil and staff platform, I hope to create opportunities for change within our academic and co-curricular programmes, ensuring that when our pupils leave Hurst they have a thorough awareness of issues surrounding race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, class and religion and therefore head out into the world with everything necessary to find their way,” said Jami.

During the second half of the Summer term, the college started its journey of positive change through the creation of diversity platforms and held an INSET outlining the goals for moving forward. In both cases, the support from members of staff and pupils was overwhelming which will help drive this movement forward with assurance and gravitas.

“I feel incredibly excited and optimistic that Hurst can and will make huge strides towards a more diverse and inclusive environment for all members of its community,” said the new Director of Diversity and Inclusion. 

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