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PVL manufacture high visibility brand and safety markings for vehicle fleets across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. In 2019 PVL grew to 50 staff and our best trading year, continuing our year on year growth.

They say that fortune favours the brave; in the last nine months of 2020 we invested more in the business than ever before, our team has adapted and we have been repaid for the time and effort spent on our core company values – we’ve pressure-tested them and emerged stronger, more efficient and more determined to continue our growth.

With a new, second factory facility opened in December 2019, additional equipment, and building our own training facility, we’ve doubled our capacity and used that to produce  PPE visors for the NHS (15,000 in our first week) as well as diversifying into social distancing signage.

After furloughing some staff to make adjustments for space and safety, we are now back up to our full team and growing again. A couple of fantastic project examples completed recently are the impressive 14-storey (33 metre) high DAMAC London tower branding, and the successful concept work and roll out of the first of the new St John Ambulance fleet.

Bill Taylor, MD, Design Specfic
Design Specific regularly export around the world with the US being our biggest market’ accounting for over 20% of sales in 2019. A focused marketing plan in the US saw a 60% increase in volumes and accounted for 32% of all sales in 2020. Our financial plan for the year ending March 2021 was to continue this growth but with lockdown our exports stopped.

Our staff are all excellent engineers, we decided to invest this freed-up resource to work on new product development and improvements to our existing machines. The development of a new Bariatric Bench began. This would allow Podiatrists to treat patients, in their wheelchairs, in the reclined position providing access to all parts of the foot. The first prototype machine was completed in September and sold to a medical clinic in October. Alongside this, a major redesign of the Compact Wheelchair Recliner was undertaken to make the machine simpler and cheaper to manufacture and a prototype is in development.

This period has taught me that during these difficult times it is often easier to stop and not make the effort to push on, but pushing on pays off. And, of course,that our most important assets are our people.

Sam Francis – Managing Director of TEK Express and TEKrefresh
A large proportion of our client base is market research and when Covid hit, their face-to-face research ground to a halt as did 75% of our daily activity. Our clients were prepared ahead of the Government, so we were prepared. We negotiated a minimum monthly retainer with our clients to ensure our survival. 

Our market research clients switched to help with Government projects to focus on Covid testing. This required extra IT and extra staff. Within two months of the business dropping by 75%, we were back up to full strength requiring additional staff.  We beat our year-to-date target by 17% and last year by 23%. We have seen our clients looking at alternative ways of working and we have helped them to achieve their goals by innovating their technology.

We responded to increased demand for second hand IT technology by setting up a sister company called TEKrefresh, focussing on green IT recycling with an option to donate to charities who support underprivileged children.

With every challenge we faced we knew that it would bring us opportunities and by being positive and communicating with our great little team, we have proved it. and

Andrew Hookway - Managing Director, Extech Cloud
When the way of working changed almost overnight back in March 2020, we were, along with our clients, able to instantly work remotely without any hassle or problems occurring, however, others were not so prepared.

We were told that the majority of IT providers were telling their clients that total cloud solutions were either unsafe or could not be done. In our view, this is either because the existing part-server / part-cloud model is more profitable for them or they have no expertise to deliver this total solution, or a combination of both.

We’ve always found that the most efficient, reliable, safe and cost-effective IT solutions are delivered through the full use of the solutions of mainstream IT cloud providers, such as Microsoft. That’s why throughout the pandemic, we’ve been kept busy as we continue our committment to offering full cloud solutions and enabling people to work smarter.

The pandemic has shown me that what we provide is about much more than “just” IT. In today’s world of modern working, everyone should have access to an IT system that not only makes their business grow faster but be more efficient too and I’m delighted that our team deliver exactly that!

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