From initial design drawings and prototypes to final manufacturing of a product, precision engineers undertake a variety of different tasks to assist a business. Particularly after such a turbulent year, the services an engineering firm can provide will eliminate some of the risks surrounding new product development. Don Cunningham from Epal Engineering is here to highlight some of the key benefits of using a precision engineer to create your next prototype.

Why create a prototype?
A prototype is an early sample, model or release of a product, enabling the designer to test a concept or process before producing the item en masse. Simply put, it’s a formalisation of an idea, allowing for evaluation.

Prototypes are a crucial part of the design process and are used across a variety of different industries, but why work with a precision engineer to create this? Precision engineers have specialist technology and can provide quality assurance to ensure your prototype is a true relation to the final product. Epal Engineering can work with you to design a prototype should you lack the experience and know-how, successfully supporting you from the offset to completion.

Eliminate risk
New product development is an exciting yet daunting process. If a design is incorrect and goes to mass production, it can be a hugely costly mistake that could negatively affect the reputation of your business in the long run too. Prototypes are a cost effective way to identify any flaws before they cause a major issue and enable your business to gain invaluable feedback from customers.

Working with a precision engineer will not only ensure your prototype is built to an exceedingly high standard in a short turnaround time, but it will also provide you with the expertise and quality measures needed to take your product forward in the development process. Particularly if you have not produced a prototype before, the expertise and experience of a precision engineer can streamline the process considerably. And, can eliminate the risk associated with this investment. 

Choosing a precision engineering firm
There are several factors to consider when selecting a precision engineering firm, from whether they are utilising the very latest technology and machinery to their enthusiasm and customer service skills. At the end of the day, you should select the firm you feel most comfortable with and who you trust to fulfil your brief. New product development is exciting for any business, particularly seeing your prototype for the first time. Working with the right precision engineer can ensure this prototype exceeds your expectations rather than falling short.

Established in 1989, Epal Engineering is experienced in delivering the right element the first time, every time. Our team can work with you from the initial design stage to iron out any queries and pre-empt any potential flaws, saving you time and ensuring your final product is exactly how you envisioned it. If you’re looking for advice, get in touch today.

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