Network Xpress’ latest show arrives with a bang in Sussex on May 5th, and it’s the biggest one to date. With a refreshed style and feel, this event further cements the company’s profile on the B2B scene. Director, Sonny Cutting has a strong reputation from hosting trade shows with a twist. He brings together game-themes with pioneering conferences offering innovative B2B services. The combination offers an experience of energy and opportunity.

Network Xpress demonstrates what is possible with the creation of the Sussex Business Show.

The hybrid event showcases Sussex-based powerhouse speakers from the local region. It will also bring together twelve masterclass leaders, each who will share invaluable insights.

Our opening keynote speakers are ready to deliver an unbeatable series of powerful talks.

Please welcome to the stage our keynote speakers: Bradley Hatchett of Network My Club; Penina Shepherd of Acumen Business Law, Kristina Pereckaite of South East Angels; and Sam Thomas of County Business Clubs.

The speakers will offer refreshing perspectives on all things business, and will start the day on a high.

Bradley Hatchett brings humour and invaluable experience of both the best and worst of networking. Network My Club is a networking organisation spread across the South East. Having delivered hundreds of events, both in-person and online, Bradley has seen it all. 

In his talk, he will share the principles, mindsets and approaches of the ‘best networkers’. He will debunk the networking myths, and share his own tips to help you build better and longer lasting relationships. So, if you’ve said before that ‘networking doesn’t work’, or you are looking to improve your methods, this talk is for you. Look out for: ‘The mindset to making your networking work.’

Kristina Pereckaite, the founder of South East Angels, is renowned for her skills and expertise in investment and funding. She will be sharing insights on ‘How investing is shaping our future’.

Her talk covers topics such as how investors should re-evaluate their objectives, how more of us can become investors and how her company, South East Angels do it differently. So, if you’re wondering what you should
know about investing, Kristina will not disappoint.

Penina will pose the question: “What do most people get wrong about business law?” and Sam will speak about “Learning the lessons of failure to define future success.”

If you’re looking for inspirational ideas and networking tips, then you’re in the right place. The Sussex Business Show is set to deliver above and beyond.

Find out more by visiting for event info or @SussexBizShow on social media.

The new County B2B event showcases on May 5th at the South of England Event Centre in West Sussex. 

Contact Sonny or Lyndsey for details directly on 01273 833 222 or


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