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Not feeling up to the unknowns of flying these days? Free yourself from flying and discover so much more than expected. By Tess de Klerk

Provence by Eurostar

Provence, sun-drenched and quint-essentially French, is on many people’s bucket lists. Eurostar’s direct service to Avignon is an excellent way to visit the south of France without having to fly. Explore the region by bike, walk the French Riviera, or fly to Provence from Lyon, France’s culinary capital.


Netherlands northern coast and islands – cycling tour

This eight-day cycling itinerary takes you along the windswept islands and endless beaches of the Dutch north coast. Starting in north Holland’s tulip fields, you’ll cross the Wadden Sea to reach a breathtaking archipelago of protected islands. Cycle between the islands of Texel, Vlieland, and Terschelling through a tranquil landscape of sand dunes and salt marshes. Return to the mainland to cycle through the green fields of Friesland, ending in the lively provincial capital of Leeuwarden.


Gastronomic delights of northern Spain by ferry

Enjoy spectacular dining and delectable wines against a backdrop of stunning coastlines, picturesque countryside, and fantastic contemporary art. The iconic Pintxo (tapas) bars provide a true taste of the region, while fine dining enthusiasts can enjoy the celebrated collection of Michelin-star restaurants. Your vacation begins the moment you leave British soil and set sail for Bilbao. From £809 for nine nights


Belgium Beer Cycle 

Belgium is easily accessible by train from all over the UK and Europe, and the popular Belgium Beer Cycle is
one of the most enjoyable ways to explore Belgian towns and countryside. The emphasis is on local breweries
and traditional beer practices, which includes a visit to Europe’s largest beer brewery museum and tasting ‘Trappist beer’ made by abbey-dwelling monks. From £890 for eight days 


London to Croatia by train

Take the overland route by train across western Europe to the sun-kissed Adriatic coast and the attractive city of Split. Depart from London St Pancras by Eurostar, travel to Paris, and onto Munich while marvelling at the picturesque scenery of the Champagne region. An overnight stay in Munich allows for exploration of the Bavarian capital.

From here, take the EuroCity train across the stunning mountainous scenery of Austria, into Slovenia and along the River Sava to the Croatian capital, Zagreb. Spend two nights in Zagreb, a city built for walking. Continue to the Adriatic coast by comfortable daytime train, which takes you past splendid mountains, lakes, and rivers. Finally, arrive in Split for a three-night stay. End your adventure with a private walking tour of Split. From £1,045 for seven days


Round trip on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Board the luxurious Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for a journey to remember. Why fly when you can sip champagne in a cosy armchair and retire to a private cabin aboard the world’s most famous train? This itinerary sees you arriving in Venice, the floating city, with time to explore the many winding alleys and its intricate canal network with the help of an expert guide. After spending two nights in Venice, there’s no need to stand in long airport lines; catch your private water taxi back to the station and board the Orient Express to see you back to the UK in splendour. From £5,995 for 5 days


Grand tour of Italy by rail from London

Discover the ‘Eternal City’ of Rome, the graceful renaissance Florence, and the labyrinthine port of Venice
as you travel through Italy. Rail travel is a quick and convenient way to see this beautiful country while also adding local flavour to your journey. Trailfinders offers various fantastic rail journeys to and through Italy. From £2,895 for 12 days 


Grand tour of Switzerland from London by rail

Board the train in London and be whisked away to the stunning scenery of Switzerland. Explore mighty mountains, tranquil lakes, and quaint towns on this comprehensive Swiss rail vacation, taking the iconic Glacier, Bernina, and Gotthard Panorama Expresses. From £2,885 for 17 days



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