The perennial question is “who on earth can afford to buy the various supercars that abound in the marketplace?” That is a tough question but one that is not so tough to answer is where do these buyers live? By Motoring Editor, Maarten Hoffmann

Supercar financier JBR Capital has compiled a list of which cars are most popular in which region. This either tells us where the money resides or where the most car crazy petrol heads reside. You decide.

The study reveals the favourite supercars across Britain shows a stark difference across regions, with Aston Martin and McLaren particularly popular among supercars buyers the further north you go.

Though the southern regions of the country favour supercars from Stuttgart and Maranello with Porsche and Ferrari firm favourites among buyers in London and the South East respectively, the mood shifts closer to home once past Yorkshire and the Humber. In the north, buyers are favouring British brands; those in the North West are most likely to purchase a McLaren, with almost one in three of JBR Capital’s clients in the region opting for the legendary British manufacturer, while over a quarter in the North East are choosing an Aston Martin.

The same applies in Scotland, where buyers favoured McLaren over any other brand – including Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati.

In Wales, Ferrari had to make way for its arch rival and Italian stablemate, Lamborghini, with cars from Sant’Agata topping JBR Capital’s vehicle finance charts.


Region Most popular supercar brand Share of most popular brand in the region
East Midlands Porsche 28.26%
East of England  Porsche 31.03%
London Porsche 21.09%
North East   Aston Martin 28.57%
North West McLaren 28.00%
Scotland McLaren 33.33%
South East Ferrari 17.44%
South West Porsche 34.62%
Wales Lamborghini 28.57%
West Midlands
Yorkshire and the Humber


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