In the UK, the sight of a pest control van outside a premises will make most people think there is problem or an emergency. 

In the United States, the attitude is very different. People understand that preventive pest control is positive, extremely important and a necessity. So, if they see a pest control vehicle, it’s a good sign. 

Having a pest prevention contract with a reputable and professional company is like having insurance, but better. With an agreed programme of visits, technicians will check in all the nooks and crannies and make sure there hasn’t been an ingress of pests since they were last on site. 

Whether they have wings or crawl, pests are determined creatures and it only takes a loose tile or a crack in some mortar and there’s a chance you might get unwelcome visitors in between visits. With regular checks, the pests – or evidence of them – will be spotted, and the technician will alert the building manager so the building can be repaired and proofed if needed.

No establishment can ever be guaranteed pest free. Modern building features like stud partitioning, breeze blocks, false flooring and service voids often create the perfect harbourages for pests.

Rats go into property usually by mistake. Mice, on the other hand, want to be there and will often have been there some time before you see them and the first signs will be their droppings. On average, a mouse will do 80 droppings a day.

Rats and mice are particularly good at sneaking into buildings and a mouse can get in through a gap the width of a pencil. The presence of rats around a premises poses an immediate risk of people contracting Leptospirosis. Left unchecked, an infestation will increase in size and extent and, once established, rats will explore their surroundings with enhanced confidence. 


What should a pest control contract include?

Normal pest control contracts for standard premises will include a minimum of eight inspections a year. Factories producing high-risk food or manufacturing pharmaceuticals will require more frequent visits. The inspections should include all of the areas where pests could harbour and reproduce undisturbed including: 

all common areas
 plant rooms
riser cupboards
car parks 
landscaped areas

Award-winning Cleankill has been solving pest problems for commercial and domestic customers since 2005. Using the most up-to-date pest-control techniques and technology, the company keeps its customers pest free and makes sure it is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to the use of pesticides and non-toxic pest control methodology. The company has won many awards for being ‘green’ and for outstanding customer service.

As an Investor in People, all Cleankill’s staff are highly trained and offer an exceptionally fast and efficient level of service. The company is a proud member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA and approved to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Cleankill is also fully accredited to SafeContractor, Exor, Constructionline, CHAS Premium Plus, CEPA, and the Achilles Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme. 

For further information, go to 
or call 0800 056 5477.

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