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Motoring review: BMW M5 Competition

Reviewing a legend such as the M5 is a mix of trepidation and unadulterated joy. Over the years it has changed, been modified, had...

Fantastic road trips

We’re fortunate to live just a hop, skip and jump from Continental Europe with its array of beauty and world-famous attractions. If...

Anger Management: Shocking double standards

There are few humans on the planet that can argue with the need for gender equality, equal pay, equal rules and equal treatment. What...

Why a pest control vehicle outside a premises is a good sign

In the UK, the sight of a pest control van outside a premises will make most people think there is problem or an emergency.  In...

Making physical space in a virtual world

Hybrid work as a trend is here to stay, with a more empowered generation of employees appreciating the extra flexibility, free time...

Watering the seed of success

Business finance provider, Let’s Do Business Finance, discusses the importance of support for new businesses, and shares its...

Why do businesses restructure?

Restructuring can be associated with businesses that are in trouble but actually, a regular review of your structure can help to protect...

AI won't replace humans

I’ve never been one for writing essays, blogs or even reports. When tasked to write a summary on technology in education, I immediately...

Scanning technology revolutionises heart disease diagnosis

Surrey Research Park is home to a pioneering company which sees great potential after a breakthrough in its new, non-invasive, heart...

Cohabiting couples - a common myth

As a family solicitor with over 20 years’ experience, it is a worrying fact that there continues to be a widespread acceptance...

Future-proof our youth

When society is so connected by technology, it seems a contradiction to suggest that we are more disconnected than ever before. In...

Managing a toxic culture

With almost a third of UK employees taking time off work due to toxic workplace culture, what can you do as a business to protect your...

Transforming management capability: Notion’s STAR® model

Making the transition into management or a position of responsibility for the first time isn’t always easy. Dominic and Laura...

The future of business in the South Downs National Park

Business network ‘Our South Downs’, led by the South Downs National Park Authority, has already welcomed over 140 business...

40 years of Southampton Science Park

The early 1980s – it was an exciting time technology-wise. Shuttles found their way to space for the first time, while down on...

The power of 12

It can be lonely at the top as head of any business. As a leader, your colleagues will look to you for reassurance and strong decision...

Oh, I don't like to be beside the seaside

As if the global environment didn’t have enough on its plate with climate change, the UK’s rivers, beaches and waterways...

Action your business can take to minimise supply chain risk

Restructuring and Insolvency legal expert, and Partner at DMH Stallard, Frank Bouette’s last article focussed on seizing the...

Selling your business

Selling your business can be a life changing moment and not one to be taken lightly. With the decades of hard graft put into building...

What alternatives are there when liquidation feels like the only option?

James Hopkirk, Restructuring Director of Kreston Reeves discusses some of the alternative solutions to putting a company into liquidation...

Gatwick will be a net zero airport by 2030

Forecasts have been revised up, and over 40 million passengers are now expected at the airport this year. Passenger forecasts are still...

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