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Following a 36-year career as a corporate and commercial banker, latterly leading NatWest’s real estate finance team in London and the South East, responsible for over £2bn of lending into the sector. John Walsham, Business Development Consultant brings his insight and expertise to Kreston Reeves’ clients


Real estate remains an attractive sector for banks and alternative lenders. Whether a developer, investor or landlord, there will be a funding provider ready to step in and provide the capital needed, says John Walsham of Kreston Reeves

It is, however, a funding landscape that continues to face challenges. Higher interest rates, reducing loan-to-value ratios and the length of time it takes to bring a scheme forward are factors that need to be considered. It pays to have a ‘banking insider’ on your team – and one that brings a holistic view based on the vision, goals and values of business owners and leaders.

John’s career saw him lead a team of experienced bankers working closely with investors, student housing providers, build-to-rent operators, residential and commercial developers delivering a full range of finance and funding options. Now at Kreston Reeves, he brings those same insights, together with a phenomenal black book of connections, to the firm’s real estate clients.

It is, he says, about providing the right funding solutions for the right client for the right project. It is about understanding which funder is ‘open for business’ – those that, despite saying they are ‘open’, are in fact ‘closed for new business’, and how challenger banks and specialist lenders open up new lending opportunities.

Many real estate lenders have found themselves a niche in either development or investment finance despite offering the full suite of real estate financing. They are known for their experience and expertise in that specialist area which can be of huge value to their clients offering quite specialised financing covering, for example, bridging and airspace development.

“Banking is, despite what many will say, a relationship business,” explains John. “It is important that we build and maintain relationships with funders to help our clients access the very best advice and deals on the market.”

It is, he says, not enough to just understand the lending landscape. To truly add value to Kreston Reeves clients, it is important to understand their aspirations, vision and goals – only then can the right funding options be found.


Green financing

The introduction in April this year of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES regulations) requires commercial landlords to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of E or above (A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient) to sell or grant a new lease a building. The regulations will tighten further in 2027, with commercial landlords needing a C EPC rating.

It will leave many landlords facing significant costs to improve the performance of their buildings. Banks and other funders have responded with a variety of funding options, often waiving arrangement fees.

NatWest, for example, has a specific funding scheme that allows landlords to include investment in certain green assets, such as building retrofits to deliver the transition to net zero. It covers greener energy, such as solar panels or biomass boilers, and to support projects that help landlords reduce their emissions.

“Other lenders are following suit,” explains John. “As you would expect, they do come with their terms and conditions, typically open to businesses with a turnover below £25 million and for specific uses.

“It is important to take advice and explore all green funding options open to you to ensure that funding meets your specific requirements.”


Kreston Reeves Funding Team

John sits within Kreston Reeves’ specialist Funding Team and works closely with its Corporate Finance practice, bringing clients a completely holistic view of the wide range of funding and financing options.

The team’s reach means its real estate clients can tap into traditional funding routes, equity funding, investment from high net-worth individuals, and specialist lending such as funding from Homes England.

Kreston Reeves also utilises the Capitalise online lending platform where real estate clients can access the very best deals from a panel of over 100 lenders offering a variety of products with a single application. Capitalise is an award-winning advisor-led funding platform for small and medium-sized businesses that makes it easy to find, compare and select lenders who are most likely to make an offer.

To learn more about how John and the firm’s dedicated Funding team can help your business, contact:


Call: 0330 124 1399


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